Lazy People's Excuses for Not Travelling


Not everyone enjoys travelling, some in fact detest it so much that they’d rather be stuck in office than set out on a journey. And by travelling, I mean really travelling and not simply vacationing like a boss in Goa!

Let’s find out 10 reasons why people run away from the thought of setting foot outside their city (and comfort zone)!

It teaches you nothing about life

“To travel is to escape, but how long will you keep running, don’t you want a career”, asked my very successful lawyer friend. I knew that she was genuinely concerned about my future but I also knew that she hasn’t travelled a single time in the last decade (besides for work). Her happiness lies in her job, her monthly moolah and the satisfaction of heading back to her 4 bedroom house. As bookish as this may sound, it’s true. And she’s only one among the many who refuses to travel. It teaches you nothing about life, she says.

Staying in the city, one learns how not to compromise, how not to let the guy behind you overtake, how to break queues in the smartest way possible, how to get a spot at the most happening restaurant, the best filters for pictures on Instagram and how to get over 500 likes from 1000+ strong friend group on Facebook.

All these lessons are essential for your survival in the city and absolutely unnecessary for you as a person. Travel may not teach you anything about the world, but it sure teaches you a lot about yourself, human relationships and the fragility of it all.

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It’s so boring

“So you just go to the hills and sit there? What else do you do?” The number of times I have had people quizzically ask me this is amusing. So for everyone out there, the mountains, the seas, trekking, backpacking and everything else may not be for you but it doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s not for anyone.

Travel the way you want to, experience nature the way you understand best and you’ll see how amazing it is. We all want different things from our travel experiences and the best way to achieve all of it is by trying everything there is to try!

Too much effort

For some, the effort is simply too much! Who’ll go through the effort of packing, booking tickets, finding hotels, taking leave from office and spending money! A trip that involves more than partying and lazing around is just too much of an effort for some!

Because home is where the heart is

Yes, I have heard this excuse quite a few times. This is where I am comfortable and the thought of exploring some faraway place is too tiresome. Some people also hesitate because they are so used to ghar Ka khana that the thought of eating outside food for more than 2 days is stressful. Home truly is where the heart is but until you travel you’ll not know where home is. So pack your bags and get going! 

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What?! No TV for 4 days?

Let’s be honest, you may not get all the comfort you receive at home, but every discomfort is truly worth it. So if your favourite excuse to get out of a trip is, I can’t watch TV as and when I want – it’s quite lame. Most hotels, even in the most remote places, have televisions for their guests. But come on, who travels more than 100 km to watch TV. Make an effort to explore and discover and who knows you may just enjoy the experience.

I am not spending my money on travelling!

There is no television, no hardcore partying but I still have to spend money! No way, not happening - is also a sincere excuse for some. There are also those who believe that spending money on travelling is a sheer waste. Someone also one mentioned “all mountains are the same, what’s so different in Switzerland?” #truestory 

“I am not a hippie”

Well guess what, you don’t have to be! Travelling is not only about trekking in the mountains and backpacking around lesser known beaches, it’s also about discovering the history, the culture and the vibe of a place. It’s no surprise that the best way to discover a place is by leaving behind all expectations and pre-conceived notions. Opening your mind and exploring a place doesn’t make you aimless. Also for those who think that hippies are unclean, lazy, drug addicts – it’s time you start travelling. 

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This is not for people like me

The safest excuse! I am not a traveller and I can’t manage all the hassle that comes with it! – though this is a great way to get out of a trip you don’t want to go on, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Until you travel and explore, how will you know if a place works for you or not? An individual goes through many personality changes and travels are the best way to discover, improve and contemplate about your growth as a person. 

Photo of Lazy People's Excuses for Not Travelling 4/4 by Kirat S

What will I do without internet?

This excuse has been given to me more often than I can remember. There is an internet connection in every small town now and quite honestly you will not even need an internet connection after 2 days! The beauty, the excitement and the adventure will take over so yes go back home and upload all your amazing pictures on Instagram! 

I have an office to go to!

If this is anyone’s excuse, please oh please don’t do this to yourself. What travel can give you, 15 hours in office cannot. We all have meetings, schedules and deadlines but there is a life beyond the chaos of daily schedules and it’s waiting for you! 

So the next time you are in the process of cooking up an excuse, pause and think of all that you can be missing. Give the wanderer in you a chance and see the adventure unfold!

P.S: I have given the above excuses at least once before the travel bug bit me!