Switzerland: Heaven of Earth

21st Jun 2018
Photo of Switzerland: Heaven of Earth 1/4 by Sakshi
You are following the right woods towards the bountiful nature!

Best time to visit: June- August

Ski Season: January and February are the months where the adventure awaits to find the best snow in Switzerland.

Transport: The Swiss Public transportation provides great assistance in making the journey highly efficient with great options on choosing between the premium panorama trains such as Bernina Express, Palm Express, Panorama Express, city transports, outward, return, round trip ticket depending upon the different range of tickets starting from INR 16000 per person. I suggest if you purchase the Swiss Travel Pass as then you can avail free use of public transportation in more than 90 urban areas which means you don’t have to pay each time for using the public transportation.

Currency: Swiss Franc, however Euro are also accepted but not everywhere.

Accommodation options:

Swiss Hotels


Group accommodation

Starting from the mountains, to the lakes, to the rivers, to the glaciers, to the Mediterranean ambiance, to the cosmopolitan environment and finally the untouched landscapes, yes you are in the right place!

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There is nothing on Earth like Switzerland

Switzerland this place is as amazing as the its name. The sublime nature here meshes with the heaven. I feel fortunate enough to visit the heaven of earth. This place showcases the real natural amenities and I believe once you visit the summit of Swiss Mountains you would like to visit in again. All the natural amenities are just perfect lush green meadows, cascading waterfalls, great cities, vineyards, the lakes, the ski resorts and the the chirping birds amidst the bountiful nature will take your heart away. The villages really look like an opulent piece of art and if you are a chocolate lover fortunate are you to visit here as Switzerland is well known for its Swiss chocolates and watches.

Arrival at Zurich

The trip started from Zurich which has the biggest airport in Switzerland. Zurich is Switzerland's largest city and enjoys a cosmopolitan environment with stunning lakes and mountains. Later on I headed towards the Rhine Falls in Zurich which is the largest waterfall in Europe.

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Waterfalls have an immense source of serendipity!

Traveling Switzerland by train is the best experience i ever had on any train. Since, my childhood i have been traveling by train but this experience is just awe inspiring. It endows the best seats to explore the most beautiful scenes in Switzerland.

Lucerne: It takes 45 minutes to reach Lucerne from Zurich. If you are visiting to Lucerne don’t forget to visit Chapel Bridge. Chapel Bridge is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe.

Lion Monument in Lucerne

Photo of Switzerland: Heaven of Earth 4/4 by Sakshi
Lion Monument

Lion Monument is carved on solid rock located in Lucerne, Switzerland."Moving piece of stone in the world". The Lion Monument was designed by Danish sculptor and the initiative to create the monument was done by Karl Pfyffer von Altishofen. The place is a sheltered nook where the lion lies perpendicular with noble attitude.

The monument is 10 metres in length and six metres in height.


Bern was the last stop. Bern is the capital of Switzerland and has traces of medieval architecture. From recreational to cultural activities. Bern offers a wide range of sightseeing and activities.


1.Train Travel is Comfortable and easy compared to car rentals.

2.I believe the best among the rail passes is a Swiss Travel Pass.

3.Carrying cash is recommended for purchase of small things however credit cards are duly accepted.

4.Most people going to Europe keep language consideration first so if you are planning to go to Switzerland you can easily rely upon your decision as English is widely spoken in Switzerland.

5.Visa: You will require Schengen visa for visit in Switzerland

The landlocked country follows its local customs.

Switzerland is safe and can be easily explored!

However, no matter which season you visit and how many days you stay, from the cosmopolitan environment to the Swiss Alps, to the small villages, to ski resorts, Switzerland has great landscapes to endow and to take back cherishable memories.