Photo of SWISS ALPS 1/6 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries)
Credits- Narasimhan Krishnamurthy(Husband)

The Swiss plateau, Swiss portion on the Jura mountains form the Swiss Alps. They are beautiful, massive, snow capped mountains, which has jaw dropping landscapes, sheer valleys and cool lakes. A very popular tourist spot in summer. The huge snow covered mountains, with clouds scarping all over, mist covering every now and then, cool clear air spreading -made me love the alps, the moment I laid my eyes on it last week. 


Photo of SWISS ALPS 2/6 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries)

1)JUNGFRAU- popularly called, "Top of Europe" located between Berne and valais, it is a very beautiful mountain, covered with glaciers, snow, snow crunches and icy air that takes your breath away. A very popular tourist spot.

-REACHING- From Zurich it is 1 hour drive, from Geneva it is 3 hours drive and from Winterthur(where we stayed) it is 2 hours ride. From Jungfrajoch cog wheel railway station journey up to Grindelwald is done, then by Moutain train, reaching jungfra is half an hour up the hill.

TO DO- SEEING- Jungfra panorama, sphinx terrace, ice palace, jungfra plateau, snow play area. EATING- European, Asian style of food is seen all over. Besides there are cafeterias and cafe centres to sip hot, coffee and tea. SHOPPING- Souvenirs, Swiss knifes, Swiss watches, Swiss chocolates are popularly shopped. ADVENTURE SPORTS- Skiing, hiking, snow boarding are popularly done. TRAVEL TIPS- carrying woolen clothes is a must for the weather dips to minus at jungfra-carrying the train tickets safely till you come down the hills is a must, else you will be fined- There are railings to hold and walk for it is slippery in jungfra-planning a whole day or half day trip to Jungfra is better.

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2) INTERLAKEN- It lies between the Lake Thun and lake Brienz on an alluvial plain. Interlaken was also known as Aarmuhle. It is a beautiful town, filled with lot of nature and beauty. It is an important destination in the Swiss Alps region which is a main transport gateway to the mountains and the lakes.

REACHING- From Zurich it takes 1 hour to reach Interlaken, from Geneva it takes 3 hours while from winterthur(where we stayed) it takes 2 hours to reach Interlaken.

TO DO- SEEING- Besides jungfra, Trummelbach falls, Thun, Hoheweg, Schynige platte, Lake thun, Touristik museum, Interlaken Monastery and castle are to be seen. EATING- Swiss cuisine is popular, all over interlaken. There are yummy pasteli and wurstsalats that are popularly sold, besides hot cappuccinos. SHOPPING-souvenirs, watches, chocolates, knifes are popularly shopped. ADVENTURE SPORTS- River rafting, paragliding, sky diving, walking tours, are popular. TRAVEL TIPS- Beware of pickpocketeers - There are safe free wifi connections available in many hotels and public places .

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3) MT.TITLIS- A part of Uri alps, located between Bernese overland and central Switzerland. The northern side of Titlis is called Titlis gletscher, while southern side is called Firnalpeligletscher. A very popular tourist spot in th Alps on the Susten pass. A very beautiful spot covered by rocks, lush green Black Forest and snow that gives amazing view of the alpines.

REACHING-  From Zurich it is 2 hour drive, while from Geneva it is 3 hours drive and for wihterthur(where we stayed) it is 1 hour drive. From Engelberg, reaching Mt.Titlis, by cable car and then on by rotating cable car, takes about 45mts ride up the hill. 

TO DO-  SEEING- Glacier cave, Glacier park, Ice flyer ride and the Cliff walk are popular to see and enjoy. EATING- Swiss cuisines, Indian cuisine, Asian cuisine, cafeterias and cafes to drink hot coffees, cappuccinos and tea are popular. SHOPPING- Souveniers, Swiss chocolates, jewelleries, accessories, Swiss watches are popularly shopped. ADVENTURE SPORTS- Skiing,hiking, snow trekking are popular. TRAVEL TIPS- Wearing thick wooolen clothes is a must, for it is very cold up  at Mt.Titlis- carrying your tickets and passes till you get down the hill is a must, else you will be fined-planning a whole trip or a half day trip to Mt.Titlis is better

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4) LUCERNE-  A very beautiful, gorgeous Swiss city, surrounded by snow capped, Rocky Mountains, covered bridges, coloured houses and water front promenades. It is called city of lights, and it is a popular tourist destination. 

REACHING- From Zurich it is 45mts drive, from Geneva it is 2 hours drive, while from Winterthur(where we stayed) it is 1 hour drive. 

TO DO- SEEING- Lake Lucerne, Lion monument, chapel bridge, musegg wall, Ritterscher palace, Hof church are places to see. EATING- Swiss cuisine, European cuisine, cafeterias and cafes are popular to eat and drink. SHOPPING-souvenirs, Swiss chocolates, Swiss watches, Swiss knifes are popularly shopped. ADVENTURE SPORTS- Paragliding, walking tours, boating, trekking, skiing are popular. TRAVEL TIPS- -keeping bags safe away from pickepocteers is advised-Shopping before 5pm is better for many shops close down by 5pm.

Switzerland located on the western Central Europe, is a landlocked country, divided between the Alps, Swiss plateaus, and Jura. Zurich and Geneva are the two major, largest global cities of Switzerland. Meditarenean climate prevails all through the country. Switzerland is a very popular tourist destination visited by many travellers in both summer and winter. 

This May I visited switzerland with my family,. The alps are very memorable, the snow I saw and played with, the bountiful nature- a must place to see and feel the peace within.

Photo of SWISS ALPS 6/6 by Radhika Narasimhan (takeaway_itineries)