The Magic Hour in Mumbai


While living in busy cities close to the beaches, we rarely visit the beach area at the time on the verge of Sunset. The Magic Hour, is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. This nature's phenomenon is a visual treat for people living on or visiting the beaches towards the western coastline of any country in the world. The picturesque view can be observed from everywhere on the beach possible, but is more prominent from a certain height and distance from the beach, so that the shadows and the reflection can be observed carefully and registered to the eye nerves more prominently.
With a perfect time, a perfect mood, a perfect gadget, a perfect battery and a perfect timing,I happen to freeze this moment with two friends enjoying their breezy stroll at the Juhu Beach, Mumbai.
(ref location: on the backside beach are of Novotel and the the Sun and Sand Hotel).
Next time, don't forget to take a walk (with your loved one!) to the beach on the western coasts next time during the evening.
If you've done, or have seen, please do let me know to share your moment of happiness!

Photo of Juhu Beach, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Ojaswwee
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