The Science behind Travel

26th Jul 2015
Photo of The Science behind Travel 1/1 by Somnath

Well,There are so many people in this world,some after money,some after women,some after position,some after power,few after knowledge and very few are destined to follow their passion.All passionate travellers in this world definitely travels as it is their passion.So I would recommend to travel first for passion,2nd for experience and 3rd for learning.Without travelling one cannot grow as an individual.Passion is something which we must follow in order to make our lives meaningful and not run after money or material benefits.

Why are we here for and what is the purpose of Life??Without spiritual growth,one cannot understand the important aspects of Life.An individual would be lucky if he goes through a spiritual transformation at some early stages of their lives.Travelling solo for prolonged years can make one spiritual from my experience.One cannot become spiritual by going to temples or by keeping beard.We have to grow from the inside out in order to become spiritual and that can happen by travelling solo for many many years.It is essential for an individual to grow spiritually and mentally in their life span.

We should travel in order to nurture ourselves.Studying the cultures and traditions of another country is highly beneficial for an individual's growth.This is how we grow and become richer not on monetary terms but on individual levels.Life is like a series of Mountains so we must stand tall and flow steadily like a river.Simply spending some time in a place or in a pub or changing clothes won't do any good to a person,instead he should focus on traditions,cultures and languages.Staying in one place,leading and mixing with the same kind of people won't promote the growth of an individual.

Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man-Swami Vivekananda.So by limiting yourself to only books and goog'ling won't make you that much educated as traveling will do.Travelling will bring the best inside you and will help one attain the level of perfection.Coming out of the comfort zone and Travelling often to different countries will definitely enhance the growth of that individual.

Travelling should be a lifetime phenomenon and not something temporary as it will help in removing obsessions and astrological beliefs.Astrology is the sign of a weak mind.If the mind is strong and properly balanced no wrong beliefs or misfortunes can conquer it.So it is better if we free ourselves from human conceit and vanity and take the route of Travelling.All that is happening around us is a result of our own thoughts and actions.So it is important to seek wisdom and find out ways to remove things or people that troubles the mind and the body.