Thousand Kilometres in the Himalayas - Cycling Trip

30th Jun 2015
Photo of by Maunil Vora
Photo of by Maunil Vora
Photo of by Maunil Vora
Photo of by Maunil Vora
Photo of by Maunil Vora
Photo of by Maunil Vora
Photo of by Maunil Vora

Thousand Kilometres in the Himalayas : Journey of 4 hypocrites who swore not to touch a mountain bike after having cycled the brutal Manali Leh highway covering 625km in 10 days with 6 high altitude passes including Khardungla, the highest motorable road in the world, in 2014. But as soon as returning to highly populated cities of Mumbai and Delhi, they were craving for some fresh mountain air. So they decided to ride again in Himachal in the summer of 2015, on a route which was more dangerous, lesser traveled, longer in distance but equally as beautiful as the Manali Leh Highway, Shimla - Kaza - Manali. In 12 days they covered a distance of 1082km covering 2 high altitude passes including Kunzum at 15091 ft, having a total elevation gain of 56,812m and burning 52,000 calories. The riders were Maunil Vora, Pratyush Thakur, Gunmeet Singh and Oshan Modi.

A short video of the trip was made to inspire people to get out, ride and travel India before they book an expensive vacation abroad.

Check out the video here -

Photo of Thousand Kilometres in the Himalayas - Cycling Trip 1/1 by Maunil Vora


Footage : Maunil Vora and Pratyush Thakur
Editing : Refractor Studios
Back up and Support Crew : Magic Mountain Adventures,
Guides : Raju Sharma and Hemant Sharma.
Music : Telephon Tel Aviv - The Birds and Sub Focus - Out Of Reach.

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So motivating.. Good work guys..
Tue 04 05 16, 11:14 · Reply · Report
Can you write the travel guide for this trip .. This is truly epic as others said
Tue 12 22 15, 22:48 · Reply · Report
This is epic. Good on you guys
Fri 11 20 15, 23:52 · Reply · Report
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