Must for a road trip to New Zealand

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Hi Guys….I am writing this as an extension to Dreamy Honeymoons- Road Trip to New Zealand

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Here are few pointers to help you plan your trip.


It took us two weeks, the process is fairly simple and clearly documented. You can find all the info here. We filed for individual visas for both of us and provided a covering letter stating we will be married by the time we visit. Don’t carry any food items to NZ, they have strict policies against food migration and even an apple can cost you a heavy fine. Clean soles of shoes is another checkpoint.

Driving License:

There is no international License required for NZ. We travelled with our Indian Driving License and it was seamless (DL has to be in English). It is a left side driving system there (similar to India and UK).

Pre-booked Ride:

Book a car well in advance, to make sure you get the car you want and avail any offers available online. We chose Toyota Corolla automatic from Apex Car Rentals. Our experience was super smooth, will definitely recommend. It costed us NZ$1435, including the ferry transfer from South Island to North Island for us and the car. Apex are probably the only ones who will let you keep the same car while transferring islands, others would likely ask you to shift to a different car.

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Save here and there:

**Of course Airbnbs are big when it comes to saving but in NZ they are also high quality. Sharing two our our favourite BnB stays.

Punakaiki : Waihaha Bach

Paihia: Chalet Romantica

**There is no saving on activities you want to do in NZ, but there is a lot you can save on food. Supermarkets are your best friend to pick munches for the drive and easy lunches on the beach. We hoarded our 15 day supply (including the booze, which is way cheaper at supermarkets), picked fresh fruits from road side markets and were off to our dreamy holiday.

**You don’t need bottled water, water from tap is completely safe.

**Follow speed limit, fines are heavy.

Carry Ons:

**Good Camera to capture the captivating scenic beauty (Although we used phone camera of Pixel 2 and got some amazing shots)

**Sunscreen- SPF 50+ (Neutrogena Ultra Dry sheer is my choice)

**Carry Mosquito Repellant(Goodbye Sandfly is a popular local brand)

**Sunglasses and a hat or two: Ozone layer depletion has made sun very harsh in this region, protect your skin from sun burns.

**Picnic Essentials- You are going to spend more time on road ,amidst the best picnic spots, keep some essentials.

**GPS Device- internet is not available in many parts of NZ, this device is a bliss.

**Aux to play your music in car

**Rain Coat: It rains unexpectedly and it’s very windy which leaves umbrellas useless.

**Trainers for a hike

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Have Fun!!!!

Do write if I missed something or for more questions…...

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