To Save Business From Damage, A Family Spends Over Rs 39 Lakh to Fly Back to UAE

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Travel bans might prevent most from crossing international borders, but if you can spend rupees 39 lakhs to book a private jet, then your travel story could be slightly different.

As per media reports, Ajit Syamalan, CEO of Al Ras Group, and his family booked a private jet to fly to UAE from India amid travel bans. The family spent a whopping amount of about Dh 200,000 (approximately ₹39,88,751) to book a private jet which landed them at Dubai's Al Maktoum International Airport on 7th May, 2021.

What's the story?

Ajit Syamalan and his family had come to India to celebrate his daughter Anju's wedding on 25th April. The family members have been residents of the UAE for about four decades and run a business based in Sharjah. They travelled to India for the wedding on 15th of April and got stranded here as travel bans between India and UAE were imposed from 25th of April. As all the senior members of the family, involved in handling the business got stuck in India, they found it difficult to run the business from here. Fearing permanent damage to their business, they shelled out approximately rupees 39 lakh to fly back.

As sources suggest, the private Jet flew to Dubai with all close family members and four employees on board.

All you need to know if you are looking for a similar option

Amid travel bans between India and UAE, the demand for private jets have increased among business people. It would cost around Dh1 4,000 to Dh 17,000 for individual passengers and chartered private jets would cost around $55,000 for a 13-seater and up to $62,000 for a 19-seater aircraft, according to operators and agents.

However, there are certain regulations imposed by the UAE for such passengers arriving by private jets. Apart from other travel documents, negative RT-PCR test reports taken within 48 hours of departure would be needed. Also, all such passengers would be tested again on arrival.

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