Tofani Nasik

Photo of by Shetty Raksha

godavari river

Photo of godavari river by Shetty Raksha

ram kund

Photo of ram kund by Shetty Raksha

sula vineyard

Photo of sula vineyard by Shetty Raksha
Photo of by Shetty Raksha

it was saturday morning i was just back from Goa.. suddenly someone knocked at my door.. 

my brothers are here... they are like Raksha 4 pm ki train hai... we are 6 of us..

lets go to nasik.. this trip was so unplanned and crazy..

we went by train to Nasik.. it was raining when we reached there..

its so fun we sat in sharing taxi.. the taxi busy was playing music and and we were dancing and singing on that tune..

as it was raining.. power was out..

we stayed at a hostel which was quite cheap 200 rs per bed (due to some contacts ) ;-)

next day morning we left for Godavari river and trimbakeshwar ( a well known temple )

after our visit we had our lunch and went to sula vineyard- a must visit place on my travel list..

tasted wine.6 types of wine..

and a typical maharastrian lunch

and left for Mumbai..

what a epic day.. unplanned unorganised but a awesome day.