Pink Supermoon: 10 Stunning Pictures Of The Largest Supermoon Of The Year


Amidst all the blues of the pandemic that the world is sunk in, the Pink Supermoon of 2020 had us perking up and looking towards the sky to catch a glimpse of the silvery orb.

What is a 'supermoon'?

When the moon orbits around the earth, it goes around on an elliptical path. Hence, there is a point when the moon is closest to the earth and farthest to the earth. The 'supermoon' is a phenomenon that occurs when the moon happens to be closest to the earth and coincidentally on the same day as a full-moon day. The earth appears perfectly circular, bright and large on such a day.

Though termed as the Pink Moon, the term has nothing to do with the colour pink. The April full moon marks the first full moon of spring and occurs at the same time as the blooming of a North American wildflower, moss pink. Hence, the April full moon is known as the Pink Moon and this time, on April 8, 2020, the Pink Moon and the Supermoon will take place simultaneously, making it - the Pink Supermoon.

The Pink Supermoon was visible at 2.35 am (GST) on Wednesday, April 8 and peaked at 8.05 am. Here are some beautiful pictures you can look through in case you didn't get your fill of the supermoon!

Did you get a chance to catch the Pink Supermoon in all its splendour? Share your pictures with us in the comments below!

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