#TripotoClicksHimalayas- Memories stocked at Pangong Tso Lake!


A drive to this beautiful lake has lent me some of the most wonderful experiences. There are huge monasteries around the region that reside in the vastness of the huge spread of the mountain range, where the topography is so rich that it provides clearance into lots of scientific phenomenon that so far I'd studied in books such as mirage, iridescence, amongst a host of others. My time there was just getting more enriched with each passing moment, and I did not want bid adieu to this paradise. This lake may be saline, but the experiences that it instills one with are pleasant and to carry oneself with for lifetime. The journey to this lake had been through a rough terrain with scenic and picturesque mountainous roads throughout.

Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas- Memories stocked at Pangong Tso Lake! 1/5 by Hardik Khandelwal

The migratory colourful Himalayan birds with richness of their vibrancy are pure delight to give you company all along the stay and throughout the way.

Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas- Memories stocked at Pangong Tso Lake! 2/5 by Hardik Khandelwal

The lake is nothing short of heaven symbolising peace and serenity in the finest way. I have never even seen as many shades of blue at one time as I saw here. The scene was almost as if God had taken his hands on the paintbrush with a blue palette, spraying colours, and in those moments a spell had been cast and I was rendered speechless.

Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas- Memories stocked at Pangong Tso Lake! 3/5 by Hardik Khandelwal

The essence that icy cold water had and the crystal clear bottom sent a thrill up my spine. It was definitely like one of those moment when the closest I have ever felt to God, and the very air in the atmosphere was so pure.

Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas- Memories stocked at Pangong Tso Lake! 4/5 by Hardik Khandelwal

The first glimpses of these serene and bright blue sheet layers of waters and the rocky lakeshore is for sure to etched in your memory for a lifetime.

Photo of #TripotoClicksHimalayas- Memories stocked at Pangong Tso Lake! 5/5 by Hardik Khandelwal

This spectacular lake view has been an experience for which I would say that some dreams should just not be dreamt but felt.