Very simple but Useful travelling tips to make your journey more enjoyable

21st Mar 2020

Try to fix your program as early as possible.In this way you will have time to decide things accordingly. While booking tickets for flight or by rail or hotel you will be able to save money . Last moment booking is always expensive.

Make a list of all the nearby places .Calculate the distance and make a rough map for them .You can take this help from the Google map.Keep a map of the visiting city or place.You can upload it from Google in your mobile.

Have local currency if you are on an international tour.You can also use debit card .Do not try to exchange currency with local shopkeepers.

If your tour is International .Be aware of their rules and regulations.Do follow them.

Search for local food .Try local food but take care of hygiene .Do not overeat while travelling . Be very light with the stomach .Eat  frequently but not lot at one time.

Search vehicle options. Do not take the first vehicle at airport or railway station.Search for another options
.Sometimes you can get a better option.

Always start your journey early morning .As early you will start you will be able to visit more and more places .Moreover at new place it is not good to be very late .Reach your hotel in time for safety.

Take information about your destination temperature so that you can pack your clothes according to weather and temperature of the place .This will avoid carrying extra clothes.

Always be very light with the luggage .It is said ,"" Jitna kam Saman utna Adhik Aaram". follow this rule Really you will enjoy your journey.

Always put a cap ,a water bottle ,sanitizer,soap strips,sunglasses and some snacks with you in your handbag .Your handbag should be a back pack or a cross shoulder bag.Your both hands should be free.Try to put a first aid pouch of urgent medicines also.

Do not take help from strangers .You never know if he's right person or not .Enquire from local shopkeepers ,hotel staff or any local person.

Keep your money at different places in different pockets or pouches .Do not put your money or valuable things in suitcase .This will cover you from theft while travelling

Book your hotel near local market or railway station so that all necessary things are available there.Food N vehicles are easily available in local market.

If you are on historical tour you can book your hotel near monuments or if you want full rest then you can opt for hotel in an isolated place outside the city.

Drink only mineral water or very clean water .Watar is the main source of dehydration.

Never try to fight with local people, drivers ,waiters, hotel staff and rickshaw pullers .They have a majority there . That is their hometown .They can harm you later.

wear good shoes.Your journey will be comfortable.Pack your clothes in different small compartments which are available in market now a days.

In the end I will say take lots of pictures to keep your memories alive for life.If there is a name board outside the place always take its picture.

These tips are based on my experiences of journey.They are very easy to follow n surely make your travelling memorable and enjoyable.