Top Vietnam Tourist Scams to Avoid

Photo of Top Vietnam Tourist Scams to Avoid by Naresh Parida

In Today's Post I'm going to go over some common Vietnam scams.

Number one

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The Cyclo scam you will typically find these guys in popular tourist areas the scam works like this some guy riding a sick low will approach you and as you want to ride after you have agreed on a price like for example one thousand rupees you will then be whisked off into some unknown area far away from where you were supposed to go near the end of the Cyclo ride the driver will then demand that you pay him a lot more money such as five thousand for the trip and will refuse to take you back until you have given him the money he may also so conveniently take out some booklet with the prices now why the hell didn't you do this from the beginning and if you refuse to pay you will keep on following you around and harassing you so how do you avoid getting scammed,don't agree to go on a ride on an old dirty Cyclo from a shady looking guy approaching you off the street for a ride most of the Cyclo s here in Vietnam are run by cheating scammers so it's best to avoid them altogether however if you still want to go on one make sure you book it with a reputable company.

Number two

Photo of Top Vietnam Tourist Scams to Avoid by Naresh Parida

Fake beggar scam there are several versions of this scam but the most popular one usually involves a woman cradling a child that has most likely been hit with a tranquilizer and knocked out cold .do you ever wonder why the child is always sleeping when in the company of this woman well now you know this woman will then try to gain sympathy by using the child as a prop to get you to give her pity by donating some money to her, how to avoid getting scammed in this case don't give money to people using props especially drugged up babies or little kids if you want to donate some money then go buy some lottery tickets from a thousands of during ticket sellers walking around Vietnam these people are technically like beggars except you don't carry the label since they actually sell lottery tickets and also hustle quite hard to make a living.

Number three

Local Market

Photo of Top Vietnam Tourist Scams to Avoid by Naresh Parida

Getting ripped off in overcharge if you look like a foreigner and speak like one prepare to get scammed especially around the touristy areas like Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City ,it's not uncommon to be paying two to four times more than what a local would be paying . So how do you avoid getting scammed avoid buying things in the touristy areas in Vietnam if you simply venture off into one or two districts away you can easily save fifty percent or more of the asking price also do your research beforehand before buying anything try to get a local to help you to buy the items instead if possible most of them usually know what the local going rate is for goods and services and finally always ask for the price before buying anything what you initially thought would only cost you a dollar for a cup of coffee can soon turn into a fifteen dollar drink so make sure you always get the price beforehand .

Number four


Photo of Top Vietnam Tourist Scams to Avoid by Naresh Parida

The fruit pulp picture-taking scam ah the classic come here and take a picture with me scam this one involves someone selling fruit usually coconut on two baskets between a wooden pole I know for some of you guys getting that Instagram or selfie shot is important but you might want to reconsider these fruits vendors usually stationed themselves outside our busy touristy areas they will then try to hail you over to take some pictures with them and also using the fruit Pole in the food baskets after you decide to take a few photos with the fruit pole in straw hat the fruit seller will then pressure you into buying some fruits in the case of a coconut they will very quickly cut it open and hand it to you before you can even say a word.if you refuse well then prepare to get nagged and haggled into oblivion as they will relentlessly harass you to pay up for the crappy quality fruit that's been hanging out in the Sun for hours and ready to give you a serious case of diarrhea explosion in the toilet. how do you avoid the scam don't go putting poles with fruit baskets around your shoulders when people gesture for you to especially around popular tourist areas always ask for the price first don't make eye contact with these people and always appear confident even when you're not in fact don't even acknowledge them when they're talking to you they will leave you alone.

Lastly only go to reputable bars and clubs and finally the motorbike phone Snatchers in this one isn't necessarily a scam but it's definitely a huge problem over here in Vietnam ,while you're busy doing a live Facebook stream trying to count how many likes you've gotten it will be driven right by you and in an instant snatch that new iPhone that you just purchased for over a thousand dollars.

Photo of Top Vietnam Tourist Scams to Avoid by Naresh Parida

This typically happens around busy touristy areas but you're not safe anywhere to be honest and things don't just stop with phones purses ,bags, cameras anything valuable is a prime target for these guys .so how do you avoid getting robbed always be alert and on the lookout for suspicious activity never take your phone out when you're on the road or riding a motorbike and if you must take your phone out go to the far side of the sidewalk away from the road and have your back turn so that your phone is not exposed don't ever use your phone for an extended period of time avoid bringing your handbag too busy touristy areas and keep it close to you and not by your sides where it can be easily snatched and finally be extra cautious around touristy areas well this concludes our scams in Vietnam.

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