Ghagharia : The Prayag to Ascent

Photo of Ghagharia : The Prayag to Ascent 1/4 by Rahul Sarkar

Life is always stretched up on balance sheets by us. But those never gave us the joy as the ventures in nature give. I never hesitated to move on myself because I acquired that golden rule of change from the trees I met, the mountains I laughed with and the stars I glanced at.

Photo of Ghagharia : The Prayag to Ascent 2/4 by Rahul Sarkar

No one has the ability to glorify Nature, it is not meant to be, all the things only do matter is the feelings and its reciprocation by ourselves.

On my reaching to Ghagharia or Govinddham, I did not need to accustom myself, I felt that those pines knew that I would come and they made it in my way. The clouds whom I was talking to earlier, may have sent the message. It is a town with much of a business, hotels and other pleasure arrangements, though they all know, everything is temporary and that feeling of giving up or leaving you will never see in their eyes. To them, its life hard in mountains, survival is everyday dose.

Photo of Ghagharia : The Prayag to Ascent 3/4 by Rahul Sarkar

A cultural 'prayag' was on its height, I could meet many people and people means a library in each of them, every contemplation, complain, disturbance and happiness are laid out. Being in the Gurudwara, I got to see some unseen people who were lost in the majoritarian world of fame.

Photo of Ghagharia : The Prayag to Ascent 4/4 by Rahul Sarkar

The scattered clouds were representing their wishes to go down, to meet their dearest river, like the diverse human emotions were ready to melt down in the vast emptiness they have left, in the superior existence of Nature the hollows could be intimidated. And I go there always to seek that intimidation which will give me the greatest pleasure which I will not get by anything.

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