First Experience to Budget Accommodation: Hostel Life in Rajasthan

10th Apr 2017
Photo of First Experience to Budget Accommodation: Hostel Life in Rajasthan by Arkoprabho Hazra

Travelling on a budget is everyone's dream and they want to fulfill this dream but seldom does so happen. I have lived that dream and would wish that all of you could too. While travelling, the biggest expenditure goes into lodging, thus today let's take you through the most budget friendly type of accommodation. You might be wondering what would this affordable accommodation be - well, they are hostels.

What is a backpacking hostel?

A backpacking hostel is basically a place where you get to socialise and meet people from different cultures which enhance your travel experiences as you get to share a lot of travel stories with others and also make new friends. To make things better, hostels give you the option to stay in dorm type rooms where you can stay with other travelers and have a fun time or else you can decide to check-in to a private room which gives you all the privacy you need.

Hostels are also different in the form that theses type of hostels focus on the needs of travelers since they look forward to giving the guests the best experience a traveler can have. To do so, they would arrange local tours, treks which help travelers to mingle with other travelers as well and also have features like self-cooking (cook yourself to reduce costs).


This April I made my first ever solo backpacking trip to Rajasthan and throughout my stay, I spent my time at hostels since I was covering Rajasthan for 15 days under Rs. 5000. Staying at hostels not only helped me stay within my budget but it also gave me new friends and memorable experiences which I'll cherish forever. You can go through my experiences to know whether you want to stay in a hostel on that next budget trip you've been planning.


Location: 9, Bhawani Singh Lane, Sahakar Marg, C-scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302005

Cost : Rs. 200/night - Dorm Rooms; Rs. 999/night - Private Rooms

Jaipur was my first destination as a solo traveler. This being my first ever stay at a hostel I didn't really know what to expect hence I just went with the flow. I reached the hostel at around 8 in the morning and I was given an early check in. Most of the hostels check you early if they have beds available. I was even more delighted when I was given an upgrade, from a 12-bed dormitory I was shifted to a 6-bed dorm. The hostel has a great rooftop where you can enjoy fresh air in the morning and gossip with other travelers in the evening.

The hostel has a promising kitchen with all the necessary utensils required for cooking, the only drawback is that buying raw materials in the house is way too expensive. But that shouldn't be a problem since the hostel is just a 5-minute walk away from a great grocery store (Reliance Fresh).

The beds provided in the dorms are of great comfort and do not disappoint. Every dorm comes with an en suite bathroom. The toilets were very clean and were stocked with the necessary essentials.

The hostel isn't situated close to the main attractions but you can take the bus 29 from the nearest bus stop (5-minute walk), which takes you through all the famous tourist attractions for only Rupees 10.

The only thing that some of you might not like was the hostel's quiet environment and most of the people staying here were office going people due to which even the interactions weren't great.

If you are in Jaipur I would definitely recommend you to stay here if you are okay with the quiet ambiance of the hostel as everything else about the place is great, from the kitchen to a comfortable sleep at night.

Overall Experience: 8/10


Location: Vaam Dev Road, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

Cost : 200/night - Dorm Rooms ; 500/night - Private Rooms

I would say Pushkar is one place where choosing a hostel is very confusing because every hostel here is amazing and provides the best of environment and facilities, hence you can choose from any of the hostels in town but I preferred Pineapple over the others because of the reviews which said that it was an exciting social hostel and since my reason for staying at hostels was to socialise, thus Pineapple Express.

The hostel is run by a German and he is assisted by other travelers who volunteer at the hostel for a month or more. People volunteer at hostels to make travel cheaper. The vibes since the moment I stepped into the hostel were really positive. This was the only open hostel I stayed at, throughout my trip. The hostel had three cute puppies and the hostel had been named after one of the dog's. You'll find that many hostels have cats or dogs in their property, travelers really enjoy it and you'll too. Pushkar being very busy with all its tourists from around the world, it was great to find the hostel a bit far from the hustle of the town.

Pineapple houses the most comfortable beds in the entire state of Rajasthan, once on the bed, you just don't feel like coming off it. The dorm rooms come with a large en suite bathroom but do not forget your basic toiletry while staying at Pappi Chulo because that's not provided in the hostel.

Pineapple's food makes the hostel sensational (you can make your own food too). While you stay at Pineapple Express do not forget to order their chicken burger with fries and salad, it is their signature dish and you'll find every traveler feasting on the same for literally every meal.

The hostel has great social activities like campfires, every evening and it also has movie nights, once or twice a week. I got to watch Titanic with everyone at the hostel and that environment at 2, in the morning was splendid.

This hostel has been an marvelous experience for me and definitely will be for you too. If you plan to ever come to Pushkar, do not miss out on experiencing the Pineapple Express. For all solo travelers out there, Pappi Chulo will be a really great experience for you because of the welcoming environment that the hostel has. Hope all of you would love this hostel.

Overall Experience : 9.5/10


Location: 60/9, Hanuman Ghat, Opp. Udai Khoti Hotel, Chandpole, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Cost : 199/night - Dorm Rooms ; 699/night - Private Rooms

The Journey Hostel is rated as the best hostel in Udaipur owing firstly to the welcoming and friendly nature of the staff which every traveler would not stop telling you about. Secondly it's enjoyable rooftop which gives a breathing take view at night of the city and choosing the hostel was in no way a wrong decision. I had arrived way before the the check in time hence I had to wait because none of beds were empty (even in the off season the hostel had 100% occupancy). The wait was worth it as after I checked in, what followed the next two days were just amazing memories and great friendships.

The best thing about the hostel is that it everyday engages the travelers staying at the hostel in some activity or the other, from local food tasting to cooking dinners together. Many hostels have a lot of activities to keep travelers engaged and help them know the city better. Some of the hostel's activities include, sunset trek, Tiger Lake visit, etc.

The hostel provides comfortable beds which also gives you a private feeling within a dorm as every bed is covered with a curtain and each bed has a reading lamp with a charging point. The bathroom is pretty clean and fresh but it isn't that big.

The staff at the hostel are very friendly and would help you out with anything that's needed. They always are up for conversations and to know about your travels as well.

Lastly I would say that the hostel is a semi-social hostel since it has lesser common areas compared to the other hostels.

The hostel has now been acquired by goStops and is currently known as goStops hostel.

Overall Experience : 9/10

That would be an end to my experiences at hostels as it is time that you start experiencing hostels. Hostels might not be liked by all kind of travelers but you can definitely give it a try and see it for yourself whether it suits you or not. Have fun with your travels and let me know whether the article inspired you enough to stay at hostels. If you've already stayed at hostels then share your experiences with me.