Are we inspiring or competing?

3rd Dec 2019
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Day 1

    Long time back, these thoughts raised in me when I watched how many travel bloggers on Instagram desire to be seen by others.  Ofcourse Instagram is one of the top social media for attention seekers. It's a trend which is well known so I thought to write this to remind myself and others why we prefered to travel.

Are we sharing our stories to inspire others or to get attention?? That's my question for myself and others like me.

   Personally I got inspired by few Indian  bloggers like Shivya Nath, Shivani Malhotra. I opened up to reveal my travel stories to outside world. There is a huge difference between doing something to feed our ego and feed our soul. If you are a beginner in this field, keep this in mind always.

Why we need to put maximum effort to be seen or to be different? Why can't we reveal our true self and inspire people through that? Sometimes it becomes addiction if it is not controlled in proper manner. It's better to remind ourself why we choose to travel: I will share few reasons of mine. Surely it will be endless reasons for few of us.

1. It is necessary to remember that we are doing this because it heals us and others:
     Wandering all around heals us from our dark past. It is the best medicine to experience truly. It changes us like a child.

2. We are doing this to show the world how to enjoy the moment than worrying about past or future.

3. We are doing this because it increases assessiblity to unknown:
        When we open unknown mysteries to others, it gives maximum happiness to us inside.

4. We are doing this because it reveals truth of that particular area to others:
     How many of us know what is real truth about the other side of the world? Travellers reveal truth to the world. Be happy for promoting truth. It is not about promoting tourism nor increasing travellers to the particular place, it is about telling bitter or sweet truth however it is.

5. We are doing this because it shows our nature's glory to everyone around:
    Some scenaries are beyond our thoughts. Revealing nature's true glory is the best thing any traveller could do for themselves and others. Years later, when we remind back, it will be always there as our precious memory.

6. We are doing this because we can create optimistic and good humans for future:
    Children around us are learning from us. What we leave today will be followed by future generation. What kind of thoughts are we going to instill in the young minds? Do we wish our children to be blinded by fantasy or do we wish that they see the real truth from travel? We are going to mould their thoughts in one or another way. Let's do it better.

7. We are doing this to inspire others not to compete with others: Not for fame not for attention not for competition but to inspire others around us to become best version of themselves. Why we need to check up the trend too crazily to be recognised? Why we need to forget our true self sometimes to get attention? Somewhere everyone would have felt this. We need to remind ourselves that we are merely humans.

8. We are doing this as it fulfills our purpose of life:  Travelling opens us to a new world which reveals us real purpose of our existence. Let's learn from travelling more.

9. We are doing this to focus more about others needs in that area we visit:
     How many of us really see the needs of the people we travel? Changing our thoughts begins like this. It will be wonderful to experience the life of others.

10. We are here to learn the good traits from others lifestyle and culture:
      Good things can be learnt from anyone at any time.

11. We are here to find new friends from strangers.
12. We are here to cover simple things in a big way:
      What we are trying to do is going to different places and sharing those experiences. But it changes others views and thoughts and opens large windows in their life that we may not aware of.

  This is a small reminder to all of us why we are here. Let's finish our journey with being content from inside. We are here to inspire one another not to prove who is the best. Let's explore more together.

Real happiness is spending time with nature.

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Everyone is together in this journey even if everyone is separated.

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Let's look beyond

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Knowing past will reveal the future better

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Never leave a single moment

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Nature's beauty

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Like tree's branches, we have to grow from same roots. We are together in this journey.

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