Lesson more than a Travel

18th Dec 2018
Day 1

A small encouragement for all of them who are fighting an uncalled battle inside their head. I'm fighting too, I know how brutal it gets sometimes.

I know how mental health affects our ambitions, our perspective, our thoughts and most importantly our behavior with people around us. We get suggestions to ignore or fight it but, the truth is it's not under our will to do anything about it.

As the year ends we all get this social pressure to conclude how this year worked out for us. We are indirectly pushed to compare our selves with the self-claimed achievements of peoples around. We get inside this trap, making our selves vulnerable. We start seeing our selves from the eyes of those who didn't even spent a week with us through the year in total. We first made their goals ours and then declared our selves as the one who failed this year again.


Not for the sake of saying, I mean it. How can I say that? Because I have an example now. For you, for me, for everyone who's thriving for a bright future by taking his past in consideration and Killing his present.

Last year on this date, I was broke - financially and emotionally. Nothing in hand, in search of a future which was nothing but present. I probably failed more this year then I failed last. I brutally failed several times, I had fights, I had anxiety attacks, I had days when I left everything and went absurd. I left home and stayed at a hostel without letting know where and how I was. But that been said,

This year was one of the most beautiful years of my life.

How? Because it taught me a lesson. Probably the best lesson I have learned in my entire life. Patience and perseverance is the key. You will get each and everything you ever desired only if you trust yourself and keep fighting for it no matter what others think about it. To give you an example, for my recent trip, in less than 3 months I got 2 visa rejections from an embassy who doesn't reject applications easily. Despite all the difficulties I got the visa from an embassy who probably has one the most cases of rejections and that too... 12 hours before my flight.

Patience and perseverance

Photo of Amsterdam, Netherlands by Pinaak Kumar