5 Reasons- Why I never say "NO" to a group travel


Group Travels are real fun. They say "It's not the place, but the company that makes a trip special".

Planning a group travel is a real mess. It's hard to moderate and convince people to take time from their "Life Sustaining mechanism" to "A Life Living Spectacle".

Not every one says "YES" to it. But here I am never saying a "NO".

There are five reasons why I never say "NO" to a group travel plan.

1. Not all travel plans get executed

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Most of the group travel plans are subject to many ifs and buts.

Not everyone is going to get leaves on same dates.

My banker friends insist on 2nd and 4th weekends of the month for obvious reasons.

While the business bees want to avoid weekends as they sale most on weekends.

Then some friends will be like " I am always in bro, I love to travel bro."- type (These are the ones who will start crying for their job responsibilities on the very last moment)

Then there will be two or three lizard type friends, who will remain in hibernation till you are about to book tickets. Suddenly they will appear with their "Jeevan Praman Patra"

Now anyhow you fix an agreeable date, booked tickets but suddenly comes a friend with a must attend wedding in closed relation and the other has his promotion exam scheduled on the planned travel dates.

So, knowing that there is only 25% chance for every plan to get executed, why to say no? and why to be the scapegoat??

2. Planning a trip equally contributes to knowledge

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Planning a trip is real fun. You get to know the Geometry, Meteorology and Demographyof the place you planned to visit.

You learn about how to reach, where to stay and things to do. This is no easy business for many of the people. I have seen people being very susceptible about travel planning.

Planning a trip makes you more aware and more informed about the places. You gather lot more knowledge than the non-planner chaps of the group.

No matter whether the plan gets executed or not. You are becoming more "learned".

Then why to say no???

3. Some one will have to take initiative

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All of us love to travel. But not all of us do.

We all need a push. A push to push ourselves beyond the invisible boundaries of routine life.

"Sometimes if you want to see change for the better, you have to take things into your control"- Clint Eastwood

Some one has to be there who can present a plan and dare others to say "NO" to it.

Some times it's good to be an initiator??

4. Majority matters, Be with it.

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Few of the boarders are always secretly looking for an escape from the plan. They look out for weak links to postponed or cancel the plan without becoming the scapegoats.

BE WITH THE MAJORITY AND STRENGTHEN IT - That's how a team player do it.

This will let the plan get executed. Other weak links will join the majority.

Don't be the weak link. Never Say NO!

5. It doesn't cost as much as you think

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Travel budget is a major constraint for majority travelers.

But When you are travelling in a group, the travel budget will be way lesser than when you travel alone.

Boarding lodging and local travel cost cuts down to a negligible amount.

So nothing can be better than travelling in a group, B'coz it saves you a lot of bucks.

So next time your group plans for a trip...


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