Why Some Women Need Adventure, Not A Partner


All your friends and acquaintances seem to be getting married, and you still can't figure out what to eat for lunch. Getting hitched isn’t for everyone, and trust me, you don’t have to be the ‘hippie type’ to think so!

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For some women, getting married and having kids isn't part of the plan. But every single time you tell someone that you don't see yourself ever getting married, the response will always be the same: “What? Don’t say that! You’ll get married some day. You just haven’t found the right man yet.” 

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Well, thanks for the reassurance, but we never gave any indication that our self esteem needed any boosting. Neither did we say that we're incapable of finding a suitable partner, all we are saying is that there are so many reasons for not wanting to get married.

Because while marriage is about vows; we're all about wow (landscapes.)

We want to travel as far as possible, see the world, meet new people. 

Marriage is about steadiness; we’re all about madness.

Adventurous women don't want a proposal, they want a plane ticket.

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Marriage is about forever; we're only about the moment.

Adventurous women aren't about longevity, but spontaneity because forever may sound nice, but it doesn’t sound fun. 

Because marriage is about engagements; they are just about travel.

Why pledge your life to just one person when there are roughly about 195 countries in the world? ;)

Marriage is ups and downs; for them, up is trekking and down is scuba-diving.

She’s the source of her own highs and lows.

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So my point is, if it’s okay to want to get married, it’s just as okay to not want to get married. While some women need a partner in their life, some just need adventure. 

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Why do you think partners put break in your life? Not all marriages are typical indian type. Your partner might be more exuberant and sharing happiness with someone >= having it alone. Our mind is born to experience new things. While some people are more exited with travel, some love a quiet and relaxed life. There cannot be an argument on which one is better. Anyways, too much of anything is boring and an ardent traveler might want to settle one day.
Tue 03 19 19, 22:20 · Reply · Report
Happy women’s day. Keep travelling & untrappings the hidden places. #empowerdgirls #Adventuremaniac
Fri 03 08 19, 12:36 · Reply · Report
This is perfect, loved it :)
Fri 03 08 19, 09:07 · Reply · Report
really loved it
Sat 07 15 17, 11:54 · Reply · Report
million thanks for writing this
Fri 06 30 17, 16:20 · Reply · Report
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