With Love , from KanHa.

Letters to her,

The memories of Kanha are now distant to me , as we are to each other. Yet , just like you , I can still feel my first steps in those dense yet spacious jungles. You see , the concrete jungles of the city had made my heart a wreckage when I decided to go there. And I think like every journey I took , it was also a good decision. One of the key causes to being unhappy is that we lost touch to nature. In offices, cars and clock we settle our life in mostly. My soul screamed too then , get out , go where you belong , unplug and feel the adventure. Kanha was the answer.
I can still feel the different fragnence of flowers in the air in Kanha, the sunset and sunrise drive in the park with dust looming along our Tyre tracks from the soil trails that we ran along. The excitement of sighting wildlife only found in books and most of all the thrill of seeing a tiger , my spirit animal , as I believed back then. 

The forest are sanctuaries of Hope and healing , where every part of it , teaches you that life is neither easy or difficult, it's just a childish thought. It teaches we are a spark from the eternal light and we must glow to serve our purpose. Whoever knows how to speak to the forest or listen to it, the abrupt shake of a twig or winds howling through leafs , can hear the healing. And all this songs that other men might mostly miss , let me understand my most important gift from God. My freedom. Being free is what I have been mostly grateful for , and you can understand the beauty of it , as you see the unorganized plants growing as per it's own chaos and yet making the whole forest such a thing of beauty. Every animal roaming , albeit struggling to live, yet free to their heart's content. I guess loving that wild was in a way embracing myself, true self , just as letting you go was a way to learn how strong I am, even though it took a time for me to see and know.
I can't write all that Kanha and the forest taught me , but I pray you go into the wild and grow , just like did I.
Photo of Kanha, Madhya Pradesh, India by deepjyoti_biswas