Worship Places Worth Visiting Around Tricity

21st Aug 2021

Brahmarshi Ashram, Hanuman Mandir Pinjore

Photo of Worship Places Worth Visiting Around Tricity by Unknown Geeks

We can bring massive change to nations through prayer. The power of prayer isn’t in the words that you utter, nor is it about the way or process in which you pray. Prayer is our most powerful gift when done with faith. Asking for a stronger faith helps grow our trust and confidence in what is true--not the seen, but the unseen. In order to seek the unseen, multiple religions have been born in this world throughout the centuries and pretty much all the religions are present here.

Here is the list of temples/gurudwaras around tricity

Brahmarshi Ashram, Hanuman Mandir

Brahmarshi Ashram, Hanuman Mandir is one of the few divine places which have a unique architecture of its own and has a towering statue of Lord Hanuman. Entire place is calm and relaxed. The Ayurvedic hospitals, Ashrams, yag shala, and meditation centers make the aura of this place totally holistic and the green beautiful scenery around makes it a great place to worship and calm your senses.

It is believed that this place has a connection with pandavas who spend their time here during their agyatvas (existence in secrecy) and it's a self-sufficient temple providing education, medicine and milk from local gaushalas.

Brahmarshi Ashram Complex, Hanuman Mandir

Photo of Brahmarshi Ashram, Hanuman Mandir, Ishar Nagar, Haryana, India by Unknown Geeks

Kailashpati Mahadev Mandir

Have you ever wanted to go on a small treacherous trek? This trek may not be long but it is difficult to climb in a single go.

The mentioned trek leads to the temple which is on the top of a hill. It’s a half an hour inclined trek and as you reach at the top you can have a clear view of the whole Panchkula and Chandigarh and it is these moments that are worth capturing and tracking for. A whole new skyline awaits for you. There is a small temple at the base and when you ask the priest he will tell you about the way which takes you to the top of the mountain.

Kailashpati Mahadev Mandir panchkula

Photo of Kailashpati Mahadev Mandir, Saketri, Nepli hills, Panchkula, Haryana, India by Unknown Geeks

Hanuman Temple, 25 Panchkula

There is a 50 feet tall Hanuman statue situated within this temple premise which is visible from anywhere in the Panchkula Extension Area. Weekly Sunderkand recitations are conducted on Tuesday evenings. Being located on the boundary of the sector border and near the river bed it provides silent and green surroundings.

Shiv Manas Mandir, Chandigarh

This temple is situated at Tribune chowk in Chandigarh. One part of the temple has a Shiva temple and the other part has a Shani temple. The main attraction here is the Shivling, which is quite a large monument.

These two statues are seen from a very long distance in Chandigarh. Also a very big statue of Shiv shankar baba is present here. This Shiva temple will draw your attention for sure because of its huge gigantic Shivling on top of the temple. I believe it is one of the biggest Shivling I have seen in Chandigarh, perhaps the largest in the surrounding areas as well.

Jayanti Devi Temple, Majrian, Punjab

Hindu Temple Jayanti Devi is situated on the hills near Jayanti Dam.

There are 380 steps to be climbed before you reach the top of the Temple. Known for its scenic beauty and picturesque sights every year in February, Jayanti Devi Mata fair organizes the old tradition of the temple of Mata Jayanti Devi that goes back about 550 years to the times of Lodi dynasty.

The views from top are mesmerizing and breathtaking. I recommend everyone must visit this temple once. There is quite a rush on weekends and holidays. Great worship place. Ensure to visit the Old Shiv Temple after you visit this temple to get your wishes fulfilled.

Shree Bhairav Jati Temple

It’s a calm and peaceful Bhairav Hindu temple with a huge statue of God Bhairav with his Vahan(vehicle). It's on top of a mountain which enables us to see the landscape of Siswan Dam. The ambiance is really good. You get a view of Siswa Dam from behind the temple. Delicious free food (Langer) is also served for the visitors.

Shree Bhairav Jati Temple Panchkula

Photo of Shree Bhairav Jati Temple, Chandigarh Baddi Road, Siswan, Punjab, India by Unknown Geeks

Mata Mansa devi

It is a shrine where three "pinds" are present. There is also a Langer hall where one can satisfy their appetite. Mansa Devi Temple is nestled in the foothills of the Shivalik mountain range and is spread over an area of 100 acres bordering the village of Bilaspur. The main attraction of the temple is formed by a tree around which devotees tie sacred threads to get their wishes fulfilled. Also, there are fairs organized here during Navratri, these fairs are a huge attraction twice a year for nine days during Navratri. This is the temple of mata Mansa Devi. Other than that there is a little temple of Shiv parivar, Bhairon baba, Kali mata, Lord Hanuman and Ganesha and one big temple of Patiala temple.

Patiala mandir Mansa Devi Chandigarh

Photo of Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Panchkula, Mansa Devi Complex, MDC Sector 4, Panchkula, Haryana, India by Unknown Geeks

Chandi Mata Temple

Chandigarh was named by the French Architect Lobursieur after Chandi Mata. The name of this temple is named pursuant to the city of Chandigarh. It is situated only 15 kilometers from Chandigarh and according to the local legend, the head of Goddess Sati fell here and as a result, a temple was built in her honour. There are two temples in the Mansa Devi premises. The main temple was believed to have been established by the ruler of Manimajra (a historical town in Chandigarh) in 1815 AD.To its northern edge, the forest and hills extend to the valley between the foothills and the main Himalayan range, containing the municipalities of Baddi and Nalagarh.

Prachin Chandi Mata Mandir

Photo of Chandi Mata Temple, Chandi Mata Temple, Chandi Mandir, Haryana, India by Unknown Geeks

The First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, Chandigarh, was founded in 1980 by our Senior Pastor

The First Baptist Church is located at sector 44 C, Chandigarh. It is one of the famous churches in Chandigarh that has a huge count of members. What is truly special about the First Baptist Church is that it conducts services in three regional languages other than English: Tamil, Nepali and Hindi. It also conducts activities such as Youth Fellowship, Women’s Fellowship and Sunday School.

Nada Sahib

The Gurudwara Nada Sahib is situated in the city of Panchkula, at the bank of Ghaggar river in Shivalik foothills.The holy flag flies atop 105 feet (32 m) high Gurudwara Nada Sahib, a Sikh Temple. It is the site where Shree Guru Gobind Singh Ji halted while travelling from Paonta Sahib to Anandpur Sahib after the Battle of Bhangani in 1688.

Nadu Shah Lubana served him with milk and langar. Till date it is blessed to have endless langar of milk. Must visit the historical importance place for serenity and bliss.

It’s a place where you really get some peace when you sit inside the Gurudwara and hear the Gurbani. Upon being pleased with Nadu Shah’s services, Guru Gobind Singh blessed him, naming the spot after him. Years later, it was Bhai Motha Singh who built a shrine, marking the sacredness of the spot.