Zuluk loops: Where The Road Challenges You

Photo of by Harleen Kalsi
Photo of by Harleen Kalsi
Photo of by Harleen Kalsi
Photo of by Harleen Kalsi
Photo of by Harleen Kalsi

The roads less traveled are often the most splendid. These sense-stimulating titanic vistas happen to be a colossal work of art drawn by nature to please travelers, as they venture out to discover new dimensions that lie hidden behind the narrow visions of the unpolished minds.
What an era of antiquity represents for its people today is solitude, even for the seasoned travelers who embrace the ecstatic idea of off-the-beaten-path.

Photo of Zuluk loops: Where The Road Challenges You 1/7 by Harleen Kalsi
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In the remotest corner of the Himalayas, the legendary explorers had set up the world’s first information superhighway. The silk route re-shaped the way people exchanged cultural and commercial ideas. As it began to connect Tibet and India, other obscure cities soon became part of it, eventually making it the largest long-distance network of trading. In the name of productive trade of material goods, people started swapping art and intellectual thoughts. India is where you encounter the oddity and serendipitous strangeness of the world; it is where the routes are both historic and adrenaline pumping.

Situated in Sikkim, is an unusual destination, the next big thing that will put a proud smirk on your face. Zuluk is a secluded village nestled in the majestic hills of East Himalayas. 

Photo of Zuluk loops: Where The Road Challenges You 2/7 by Harleen Kalsi
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Photo of Zuluk loops: Where The Road Challenges You 3/7 by Harleen Kalsi
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It is often said that the best drives in life are those that lead to a sensory charging ever-lasting effect. On your trip to Zuluk, take a surreal drive down the loops with 32 hairpin turns for the most jaw-dropping rough ride of your life and capture unreal moments. 

Photo of Zuluk loops: Where The Road Challenges You 4/7 by Harleen Kalsi
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Here are five important things you need to know about Zuluk:

1. At the height of about 11,000 feet lies the Thambi viewpoint, perfect to catch the panoramic picture of the loops with the mighty Kanchenjunga as the backcloth for your filters. 

Photo of Zuluk loops: Where The Road Challenges You 5/7 by Harleen Kalsi
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2. You will need to procure the special permit to reach Zuluk from Rangli.

3. The fact that there are no hotels in this village will make this your most exciting and engaging trip. Stay with locals, they arrange friendly homestays for wanderers.

Photo of Zuluk loops: Where The Road Challenges You 6/7 by Harleen Kalsi
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4. Zuluk is a rare destination, but it is easily accessible via Kalimpong and Gangtok.

5. A hill without a serene lake lacks magic. So, don’t miss out on another spectacular sight the winding loops lead to, which is Kupup lake aka Elephant Lake. Kupup lake is locally known as Bitan Cho and is one of the sacred lakes of Sikkim.

Photo of Zuluk loops: Where The Road Challenges You 7/7 by Harleen Kalsi
Image Credits: Somdutta Tah/Flickr

Best time to Visit: During the months of August to September for a flowery summer or during the months of January to April for the freezing snow.

This is the closest you'll ever come to achieving Zen. Drive on the best road in India and feel your heart pounding. If you know a place that is quite unheard of, then teach the world a thing or two and share your own stories. 

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On the way... Solo
Tue 03 29 16, 12:00 · Reply · Report
keep it up....
Fri 02 12 16, 21:59 · Reply · Report
Hey! Was this a solo trip you went for or with your family? I am mostly a solo traveller so do you think this place will be an ideal one for me because i feel there are less people who stay here so will it be like risky to travel all alone and explore Zuluk completely.
Sun 01 10 16, 10:27 · Reply · Report
The pictures look so awesome and make me fall in love with them instantly. Though i am spoilt for choice the photograph number 1, if given to me would go to the first one of the Zuluk Loop. The blue tinge which is emphasizing evening and calmness look so beautiful.
Sun 01 10 16, 09:54 · Reply · Report
Hello Harleen, how many days did you spend here during the trip and how long does it take to cover the Zuluk Loop. I am going to definitely plan for this next year in April. I hope the weather will be fine a this time of the year? Also thank you for sharing such an awesome write- up.
Sun 01 10 16, 07:53 · Reply · Report
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