Tungnath Temple Tilting: Mystery Or Miracle? ASI Investigation Reveals Startling 6-10 Degrees Tilt!

Photo of Tungnath Temple Tilting: Mystery Or Miracle? ASI Investigation Reveals Startling 6-10 Degrees Tilt! by Varsha Banerjee (Crazy Jetsetters)

In a recent development, officials from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have informed the central government about their significant findings, urging for the inclusion of the revered shrine as a protected monument. Speaking on Tuesday, an official revealed that, as a result, the government had initiated the process of declaring it a monument of national importance. To adhere to the necessary procedures, a notification has been issued to seek objections from the public.

Meanwhile, the ASI is diligently investigating the root cause of the damage, exploring the possibility of immediate repairs and also considering the potential for subsidence, which could result in a shift in the temple's alignment.

In order to accurately monitor any further movements, the authorities have installed glass scales on the walls of the main temple. These innovative scales possess the ability to measure even the slightest shifts.

The Tungnath Temple, an architectural marvel constructed by the Katyuri rulers in the 8th Century, proudly holds the distinction of being the world's highest Shiva Temple. Currently, it falls under the administration of the Badri Kedar Temple Committee (BKTC), which has been formally notified about the situation through a written communication.

Expressing their stance on the matter, Ajendra Ajay, the President of BKTC, stated that the proposition put forth by the ASI was discussed in a recent board meeting. However, all stakeholders present at the meeting unanimously rejected the idea. Despite this, the committee remains open to seeking the ASI's expertise in restoring the temple to its original glory, while retaining ownership. An official response conveying their decision will be communicated to the ASI in the near future.

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