Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai

Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 1/9 by Anju

The Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta mall, Mall of the Emirates and the Marina Mall – these fab four in Dubai are a recommended combination for retail therapy. Shopping is an integral part of the Dubai experience and the lavish shopping malls here are exciting and happening places, with each mall offering unique experiences to up their ante and attract footfalls. Three hours was all that we could spare for each mall and it is woefully inadequate considering their lavish offerings.

If there is one mall that I had to choose to go back again, it will be the Ibn Battuta mall. It’s not just me, when I mentioned shopping in Dubai, people who have been here asked whether I went to the Ibn Battuta mall and you see a fond smile with dreamy look in their eyes. The moment I stepped into the mall, I squealed in delight. The roof was painted to depict the endless blue skies with twinkling stars !!! Most malls boast the brands they house and add-on attractions, but Ibn Battuta mall is a masterpiece of art in itself.

Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 2/9 by Anju
The perfect blue skies in the Ibn Battuta Mall

Named after the Moroccan traveller, the Ibn Battuta mall is divided into six courts, named after the lands visited by him – China, India, Persia, Tunisia, Egypt & Andalusia. Each court is a celebration of the uniqueness of the region, with a display of intricate paintings, decorations, arts and crafts.

Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 3/9 by Anju
Andalusia Court inside the Ibn Battuta Mall

A discovery here for me, was Cinnabon’s world famous Cinnamon Rolls; melts in the mouth and delicious !!! We forced ourselves out of the mall, as we had pre-planned activities, else we could have spent the whole day here !!

Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 4/9 by Anju

We visited the Mall of the Emirates on a Friday evening and the place was teeming with people.

Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 5/9 by Anju
Mall of the Emirates
Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 6/9 by Anju
Inside the Mall of the Emirates

The crowd at the Carrefour outlet here has to be seen to be believed. The mall was packed for the weekend.

Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 7/9 by Anju
Crowd in front of Carrefour on Friday evening

This mall has all the high-end brands and provides extravagant shopping opportunities and if that was not adequate, it also boasts the first indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai.

Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 8/9 by Anju
Glimpse of Ski Dubai

The Dubai Mall was covered on the first day of landing in Dubai while exploring the Downtown Dubai.

The Marina Mall provides the entrance to the Marina Walk and we covered that too while visiting the Dubai Marina.

Photo of Marhaba Dubai : Malls of Dubai 9/9 by Anju

Lesson learnt – malls in Dubai have to be visited with good time to spare and adequate cash. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, need to visit the malls in Dubai !!

Happy travelling and shopping,