World is quite here.

10th Oct 2019
Day 1

First of all i wana tell  u that wherevr i travel Robin is always with me.Robin is my bike. So it starts like this
Day1) we(me and robin) started our journey from azamgarh, frm where im pursuing my mbbs. After covering 365km in 7hrs we reached lko. One thing i wanna mention here is  that lko is quite busy and very confusing city for me. I cant move a inch without google map, yet i occasionaly travel via lko.

Photo of World is quite here. by Himanshu singh suryavanshi
Day 2

Amazing as well as quite busiest place i ever visited, srry i usually travel through charbagh to my college. It was day 2 of our so called road trip. We wake up @07:00 hrs.  After performing daily chores our journey begins toward ranikhet. We planned to take sitapur route as it was quite good acc too google.
@16:45 we were at pilibheet up-uk border there we had snacks. So for ranikhet there were two routes
1 was shortcut which is 50km approx bt it has two massive water crossings. And 2 was 108 km quite long. So as a true indian we choosed 1 one. It was our biggest mistake. I forgot to mention the climatic condition which where challenging as to move further bt we resisted. After travelling 28 km we encountered first water crossing which was quite massive. It was 18:45hrs local people adviced as to take sitarganj route which was 108+28 km in opposite due to lack of options we had to take sitarganj route. @21:15hr we were at kathghodam  station. Nainitaal is  28 km frm our position, instead of staying at downhill we decided to climb at night, earlier i visted nepal so i was quite familiar with mountains, as we start moving uphill temperature began to fall,after riding 2:30 hrs we reached our semi destination. #THE 2 DAY WAS QUITE TERIFFYING AND ROUGHEST AS ROADS IN UK ARE NOT UP TO THE MARK.

Photo of Charbagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India by Himanshu singh suryavanshi
Photo of Charbagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India by Himanshu singh suryavanshi