Could Themed Holidays Be a Hot Trend in 2022?


With holidays being on a decline in general throughout the last few years, one sector that seems to have been left untouched is their themed alternatives. Themed holidays used to be considered a somewhat niche venture in times past, with them only being relegated to the most adventurous among us.

However, there are a few signs that indicate themed holidays are becoming more popular as of late and, as we shall discuss in this article, there seems to be a good reason why this is the case. Let's jump straight into it and investigate whether or not themed holidays are going to become a hot trend in 2022.

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Resorts Need To Innovate Just To Stay Afloat

Throughout the entire history since the plane travel for the masses became a reality, holidays have been in high demand. Even just the premise of getting away from it all and going to an exotic location to relax was unfathomable just a few decades ago; however, this notion is commonplace.

People are now more accustomed to holidays and vacations, and in reality, it seems as though they just don't have the same effect on people anymore. Travelling is no longer a mystical endeavour that can bring a life-changing experience. No, travelling is now just a way to justify taking a week or two off work.

Of course, that's not to say that there aren’t still those that love travelling, and holidays are still beloved by people all over the world. However, they just don't seem to excite people as much as they used to, and some people would prefer to spend their hard-earned cash elsewhere.

One avenue where consumers seem to be in favour of in place of holidays is staycations. Staycations are more popular than ever, and their reduced price and improved service seem to be just a few of the main reasons why this type of holiday is becoming increasingly popular.

As a knock-on effect from this phenomenon, this has led to a stark decline within the travel industry, and it has left holiday resorts wondering what they can do to entice people back to their doors. Themed holidays are seemingly an obvious choice for this endeavour, and there has been a flurry of resorts attempting to come up with new and fresh ideas to entice the public.

The reality is this; if resorts are not willing to innovate, they are going to fail. Just offering an amazing experience is no longer enough in this day and age. Now, resorts have to offer something new that is available from nowhere else, and this is exactly why we are seeing more themed holiday options pop up around the globe.

The Online World Is Becoming Formidable & Customers Are Been Drawn Away

Before the invention of the internet, the world was a lot smaller. Information about the world was scarce, and there was still an aura of mystery surrounding travelling that led many people to discover what the world had to offer for themselves. However, this is no longer the case.

Anyone can simply do a quick search about any country in the world and get a glimpse into the amazing sights and views that entails. For many people, this makes the whole concept of travelling somewhat obsolete. People are just not willing to travel with no valid reason anymore; certainly, travelling to an exotic location is now not enough.

In addition to this, because of the fact that reviews are commonplace in the digital world and are easily accessible, people are now a lot more hesitant to go to a resort based on just the travel companies' self-advertisement alone. In turn, this has led to people becoming a lot more “picky” when it comes to travelling, and if a resort is not able to offer something better than everyone else, then the trip may not be deemed worth it.

This is also where the niche themed holidays come into play, and they are able to offer people something that is specifically designed to their customer's tastes.

For example, it is not uncommon for people to head to the best casino cities and gambling towns to get access to some of the best gaming amenities in the world, and can you guess which resorts are the most popular in these locations? That’s right, resorts that cater to the gambling fantasy - Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau are just three prime examples.

People Always Want Something New

At the end of the day, people are always looking for the next big thing. Humans are a peculiar species in that we are never satisfied with what we get, and we just can't help but look for the next idea to latch onto and obsess over. Moreover, it just so happens that this next big thing may just be themed holidays.

There are a ton of popular themed vacation ideas that get people excited to travel abroad, and when you factor in the state of the travel industry at the moment, this is no small feat.

Themed holidays are an interesting spin on the common vacation trope that people are getting somewhat bored with, and it allows them to hop onto a plane not knowing what they are about to experience. This is an incredible draw, and people all around the world seem to be signing themselves up for an experience akin to this.

So, to sum up this entire article; yes. Themed holidays are likely to see a boom in popularity throughout 2022, and the number of people looking to get in on this once niche venture will be larger than ever before. However, this isn't the be all and end all.

Despite this surge in popularity, it is safe to say that themed holidays will still be relatively niche and only used by a select group of people. Most people would never even consider going on a themed holiday, and unless there is a real effort from the industry to conduct a massive marketing campaign, this is unlikely to change any time soon.