A simple yet beautiful trail - Kuari Pass

Photo of A simple yet beautiful trail - Kuari Pass 1/3 by Moumita Nandy
Photo of A simple yet beautiful trail - Kuari Pass 2/3 by Moumita Nandy
Photo of A simple yet beautiful trail - Kuari Pass 3/3 by Moumita Nandy

The sun was setting in Gorson Bugyal, wind was chilled and heavily blowing. We were sitting quietly and witnessing the beautiful silence of the nature– unfortunately the smoke from the forest fire below have pulled a veil in the horizon and all the peaks were hazed behind, yet the silhouettes of Nanda Devi, Nanda Ghunti, Hati, Ghori, Baarmal and many more peaks could be perceived in the horizon. Gorson is an expansive meadow beyond the end of the tree line, surrounded by the towering peaks of greater Himalayas. And one of the best places to be, in this trail! It was 25th April and the first day of our trek. After starting from Auli, we ascended for about 2 hours and pitched our tent. Because of drought the water was scarce this year and the bugyal was not too suitable for the overnight stay. So we camped inside the forest, just below the point where bugyal begins.

The night was cold and we felt more so as the temperature changed abruptly over last two days. Yet it was magical. As we were taking a stroll after dinner we were enticed by the night – the star studded sky above, the dark dense forest around and the mystical soft glow out of our tents - it was nothing but surreal.

26th April morning, we were all set for the 7 Km long stretch which would lead us to the next camp at Tali. We traversed across the golden meadow of Gorson on the way. The beauty of the fully bloomed pink rhododendron trees in the backdrop of golden bugyal was enough to make us forget the fatigue of the relatively longer walk. The trail was narrow and steep at places to give a good feel of adrenaline. The Pangarchula peak was visible right before us above the tree line. After crossing the meadow we entered the jungle again. The tent was pitched for the night. The night was silent, only to be felt by heart.

We started for our next camp at Khullara at leisurely pace on 27th morning. It would be a short walk. The trail goes through the beautiful forest of Birch, walnut, and rhododendron trees. The snowcapped peaks were visible through the trees at far. It was a beautiful morning. Plenty of birds were chirping and the jungle was thriving with life. We trudged through the forest soaking the beauties around. Khullara was an open ground, a small stream was flowing through the middle, a white herds of sheep was grazing in the green field, the lofty peaks were all around. We reached by noon and lied down on the grass to watch the beautiful surroundings.

28th April early morning, we started for Kuari Pass. We would be back again to Khullara for lunch. The walk started with gradual ascent. The vast meadows were full of grass flowers like colored carpets laid across the slopes. The snow was pretty less this year and we could only find snow close to the top. We crossed few streams flowing out of molten snow as we approached the pass. Pangarchula peak was right in front. As we reached, quiet, we sat on top of the pass. It was pretty windy. The horizon was vast open. The tranquility of mountain touched our soul. We were grateful to be able to walk through yet another trail in Himalayas.

A while later, we started to descend down. Tomorrow we would be back in civilization again, but mountain would continue to live in our heart for months to come!