A walk in the mountains

13th Nov 2015

After walking 6 k.m the first glance of green heaven

Photo of A walk in the mountains by Anurag Thakur

Just breath and forget everything

Photo of A walk in the mountains by Anurag Thakur

Once I couldn't look out the window from the fourth storey of my home. Now I look at the world from 5,200 feet. Rise and shine.

I have an immense love for the mountains and this loves takes me into the arms of mountains every month. It was Friday night when my friends asked me to travel to Mussoorie and discover heaven. It took us 7 hours to reach there. We stayed at our hotel and than we decided to go to to George everest by tracking. It's a wonderful track, which started from Hotel Dwaper near Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie. George Everest is 6 k.m from Mussoorie. The track is really good you will see snow capped mountains and will cross dense forest. But the final and most ultimate thing when you reach the George everest peak. What so special about this peak is it doesn't have any proper way to peak but a small narrow way which is really adventurous. Guys go there and have a cup of coffee or bear whatever you wanna have. I assure you that you will love those moment.