A World-Class Centre for Outdoor Education


Many of us dream of making a living by travelling to the hills. We wish that we could just trek in the mountains without having to worry about the materialistic world. But travelling was never seen as something that could be pursued as a career.

And so, nothing about it was taught to us in schools. Our academic courses never included learning about trekking, recognizing trees and their products or lessons on how to spend a night in the outdoors.

But that is not the case anymore. Hanifl Centre, an outreach of Woodstock School (Estd. 1854), is offering courses in outdoor education that provide you with skills and knowledge to make your outdoor experience safe and comfortable.

Hanifl Centre was dedicated in 2003, to extend Woodstock School’s curriculum and provide facilities and programmes through which students and adults could learn about the Himalaya and develop their skills in outdoor living.

What is outdoor education?

Hanifl Centre aims to equip you with skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the outdoors or just to enjoy being there. There are courses that teach you to become better outdoor leaders and courses in Wilderness Medicine that prepare you to handle medical emergencies effectively.

The Centre has an extensive library dedicated to outdoor education, Wilderness Medicine, environmental studies and is well-equipped with maps and audiovisual material. Nature trails around the campus, treks to nearby villages and field trips to nature reserves bring Hanifl Centre programmes to life. These field trips compliment the experience of Outdoor Education and Wilderness Medicine programmes at Hanifl Centre.

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Camping (C) Hanifl Centre

Some of the unique programmes Hanifl Centre offers to the visitors are:

Outdoor Leadership Course – The curriculum covers subjects like outdoor living skills (tent pitching, cooking, staying comfortable in all weather conditions, blister prevention, etc.), Leave No Trace ® ethics, leadership and group dynamics, hazard evaluation and appreciation of nature.

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Leadership Course (C) Hanifl Centre

The course is run few times a year at Hanifl Centre and is taught by Hanifl Centre staff who are leading professionals in the industry and have been working in the outdoors for decades in India and the US.

Wilderness Medicine Courses – Hanifl Centre has partnered with Aerie Backcountry Medicine, USA, to provide professional training in first aid. There are three courses on offer:

– 2 ½ day Wilderness First Aid and CPR

– 4-day Wilderness Advanced First Aid and CPR

– 9-day Wilderness First Responder and CPR

These courses are taught at Hanifl Centre, Mussoorie and at different locations in India. In addition, contract courses have been taught to government agencies, adventure companies and NGOs.

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Wilderness First Responder Course (C) Hanifl Centre

HEEP Conference & Mussoorie Mountain Festival – Hanifl brings scholars, thinkers and social change-makers under one roof to develop a complete understanding of the environmental problems, as well as to celebrate Himalayan culture and promote it at its two major annual events–Himalayan Environment, Education and Policy (HEEP) Conference and Mussoorie Mountain Festival.

For nature lovers who seek to take initiative in the field of environmental protection and conservation, it is a great place to find like-minded people.

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Mussoorie Mountain Festival (C) Hanifl Centre


Hanifl Centre ensures that you have a comfortable time while you are learning with them. Its facilities include 32 bedded dormitory, four guest rooms, a resource library, classrooms, a dining hall and a fully functional kitchen. It also has its own campground and nature trails leading into the forest.

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Hanifl Centre (C) Hanifl Centre

If you are someone seriously considering a career in the outdoors, Hanifl Centre provides you with the right platform to begin your professional journey.

To know more about the programmes, you may get in touch with Hanifl Centre.

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