HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand

24th Jan 2019
Photo of HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand by budwhyy

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I remember running around in snow with Dozzer, our canine companion at the time, in the front lawn of our residence in BRO HQ, Rang-rate, Srinagar, J&K, India during the frigid winters of 2000 - 2003 . good times.

Its been a long time.

Forgot how snowfall actually felt like. So now that i was visiting Kasar devi for a quick in and out , i happened to check out Hearts of traveller hostel, Soically buzzing as "HOTs". and as soon as i got comfortable, black clouds gathered to perform in full show. a thunder storm unfolds in front of my eyes.

First Contact

Day 1

The plan was actually to ride back to Jeolikote on the same day. I thought kasar devi and area was covered with knee deep snow as the weather man predicted . Sneaky people at MET department i tell you. its usually calm during this time of the year. No to less tourist. loads of local marriages. lot of cold.

Photo of HOTs Kasar Devi, Almora, Uttarakhand, India by budwhyy

As i wrestled my way through the wet mud road and parked my lovely on the side i see a figure with a cloth bag full of groceries standing and waiting for me on the hill.

I did my lock and safety check, like always [yet i forget stuff all the time, only human] and started to climb up the, what i assumed was the hostel as the location was a bit off on the google maps. I recognized the murals from Ritura's photo. In case you get lost, give the guys a call. The locals did not really know about a said "HOTs", they do however know "there is a hostel". "MUHAHAHA FIND IT YOURSELF!!" said one local. No he did not, im kidding.

Photo of HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand by budwhyy

There i met Ankit Gohil with the hoddie on. He was happy to see me. The feelings were mutual. He was the person "Manning the fort". We settled down in the cafe, rebooting the place as ankit had been away to draw a wall nearby at buddha cafe. He made some baller tea. A great host.

This wall in the cafe is stacked with good reads. The hanging clock is gorgeously placed.

Photo of HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand by budwhyy

As the weather began to get worst, there was only one option left.

Photo of HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand by budwhyy


We sat on big cushions in front of the heater which was the only source of "warmth" in a -2 degree environent. The time now is 1630 Hours and my attempt to ride back to jeolikite has been scrapped due to fators like : fog, rain, snow, and for most the chilly air that froze me to the bones.

Poha and chai by Ankit bhai

Photo of HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand by budwhyy

I figured, if i had better gloves i'd have no worries. My hands would be smiling back at me. I'll be their knight in shinning Armour. But then i have half torn pro rider gloves that gets the job done UNTILL NOW. Had my hands been numb, that would also be so much better. But then they felt every bit of the - cold. After this point, somewhere around almora when it started to snow, i stopped paying attention to situation and it was okay for a while. Till my head light burst and the bike was no longer suitable for a night ride.

It was at this point i decided to go back to HOTs Hostel in Dinapani,Kasar devi, Almora, Uttrakhand, India.

I had also forgot my phone charger in kasar devi earlier that day. What a dumbass.

So here we were, two souls sharing music, views, and chillums. it was a good session, Ajja's set at Psy-fi festival is full power.

The thunderstorm abruptly stops and perfect stillness sweeps in.

I was too busy warming my now frozen body, the cotton candy starts appearing from above falling in the courtyard.

Snowflakes melt as they fall

Photo of HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand by budwhyy

Early to bed, early to rise. The dalia was very nice.

This was the second time i was stuck in a "minor snowfall" in a day. My jacket was wet, my trousers were drenched. a combination of snow hail and rain had chilled me to the bones.

The only room heater was plugged to a socket on the wall, 7 feet away from the cushions. 'if the mountain will not come to muhammad, then muhammad must go to the mountain'. The night warm and we ate bowls of delicious "dalia" and tea.

We called it a early night and retired to our beds. Ankit offered me a cozy spot in the dorms. I even had the heater all night to dry off my wet clothing.

Photo of HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand by budwhyy
Photo of HOTs - For that kasar devi cold. #offbeatuttarakhand by budwhyy
Day 2

The morning brought more clouds, no rain yet.

Checking Accweather, it gave me a hope of clear skies with little clouds through the day. REALITY : fog till 1000 hours, bright sun till 1300 Hours, RAIN.

Can't trust the weather, better check your gear before you plan make a tour.

But this not a complain. I got to spend a night in such a great place with amazing company. Made so many furry friends too.

The trip back to Jeolikote was still cold, rained once. But by now i was too happy to have come and eager to get back to vista hostel to meet new furry friends.

Photo of Uttarakhand, India by budwhyy

Do drop by or say hi if you're around kumaon region, Uttarakhand. it would be lovely sharing some stories by the fire.

Thank you for holding your breath. You may now exhale.


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