Review-Kedarkantha - Himalayan Trek | Himalaya Shelter

25th Dec 2023

Kedarkantha with Himalaya Shelter

Photo of Review-Kedarkantha - Himalayan Trek | Himalaya Shelter by Himaani Khanna

If you are here to learn about Kedarkantha Trek tips and details then you must carry on with other numerous articles scattered over internet. This time I went on the trek without both camera and the intention of writing a blog. But sometimes life surprises you. And then something happens that you cannot live without talking about it.

For the past few days I have felt like I was falling off the edge of a cliff. And when I wake up from sleep, I realize that it was just a dream. This is not the first time this has happened to me. Earlier too, I often lost my sleep because of all those things which I did for the first time, like dreaming of drowning in a pool when I was learning how to swim. But these are signs of victory, I reckon.

So, I've come here to write about Kedarkantha trek, but cannot decide where to start from. I am wondering what to write that you have heard for the first time. Some moments can only be felt, not described. So where do I start?- from the air so fresh that I breathed or from those rosy smiling cheeks or from the power of acting without any compulsion.

Well, Himalaya Shelter gave me that liberty. I am very lucky that I got to meet Himalaya Shelter's finest trainer, trek lead and staff.

Here are few points that made kedarkantha Trek memorable with Himalaya Shelter;

- Best in class staff- Excellent management with successful supervision

- Scrumptious food- Great control over time spent on planned activities

- Most patient and positive team culture

Important things that might be of help;-

- Temperature goes down up to -8 to -10 degrees. Better carry warm clothes accordingly.

-Keep extra pair/s of clothing. I had to struggle with one fleece PJ during entire trek.

- Contact POC (person who will lead you throughout the trek) immediately to check with weather conditions and pass status.

A request note;

People who are serving you with hot food and water do struggle a lot. I was amazed to see two locals carrying 15 liter water to the camp site only to provide hot water to their guests. Be a responsible guest. Do not waste water.

Trainers, leads and other staff climb that peak on regularly basis and know what upcoming threats can be for first timers. So be a good listeners. They try their best to make your trek successful. Don't be hasty.

It is not a competition that who reaches first. There are times when the trail goes narrow only one person can walk on it. It is risky to cross them and move forward. Hold your horses. The faster you reach the peak, the more you will suffer from cold.

Last but not the least, respect the locals who are making trip up and down with their mules carrying your luggage.

What I wish could be in my favor?

- Had it been a little longer, I would have sat at one place peacefully and enjoyed the moment.

- I wish I could know the Uttarakhand culture more closely.

But this was possible only if I went on my own. So, my solo trip to mountains is still pending. But pahaadi people are very friendly and I have observed they like to talk a lot. Like, literally my autowala slowed down the vehicle only to complete his story. On the arrival day at Dehradun, I struggled with my hotel address and five strangers came for the rescue -out of nowhere-and made sure I reach my hotel safely. They are really cute.

You remember that dialogue from YJHD movie, right? "Agar thodi der or rukti to pyaar ho jata". And I would have really fallen in love with those mountains. But they are not my destination and that is why they say, "jin rishton ki manzil nahi hoti, unhe ek haseen mod dekar chor dena acchaa." "Sahi waqt par kat lena chahiye warna gile shikwe hone lagte hen."

Here I am signing off with the Kedarkantha trek with Himalaya Shelter review. I give them 4 out of 5 stars. I will recommend Himalaya Shelter for your next northern treks.

Would love to share more with my upcoming travels.