Rishikesh: beginners adventurous spot.

1st Nov 2019
Photo of Rishikesh: beginners adventurous spot. by Ritu Tomar

Happiness is the state of mind which you will find in anything that distracts your mind from the topics that bother you.

I found one such in Rishikesh, the Yoga-Capital of India. My experience of Rishikesh is the best and must need a break in my life. Being part of an IT firm sometimes sucks your energy. To reboot myself I start to pick short weekend breaks from my location i.e. Ghaziabad.

Photo of Rishikesh: beginners adventurous spot. 1/1 by Ritu Tomar

Rishikesh is the place comes in mind first when I want to explore adventurous part in me and I also want it to be budgeted.

We picked an AC seater (2+2) bus from Vaishali Metro Station to Rishikesh on Friday(1st Nov'19): Cost approx 450 INR. Timing 11:45 pm.

We reached Rishikesh around 5:20 am. It was a sleepy 6 hrs journey for me.

Photo of Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Ritu Tomar

Now, the challenge we faced for a budgeted trip is that we booked hostel which costs approx 400 INR per bed for 4 sharing dormitories. But please do keep in mind check-in is available only after 1 pm.

And we were in Rishikesh early morning. Link for hostel booking:


Though it is not difficult to find a hotel and people are very friendly. We found one nearby cost around 1200 INR for a room i.e. HOTEL ONCE AGAIN in TAPOVAN. After getting a refresh and having breakfast we were ready for Rafting. Our hotel manager provided a great deal for us, which costs 800 INR per head for 22 km rafting including cliff jumping.

Photo of Rishikesh: beginners adventurous spot. by Ritu Tomar

Being a non-swimmer it was a little bit scary for me. But the staff was well concerned about our safety. They provide one safety guard on Kayaking.

It was all refreshing and remembering part of my life. I lived the moment away from my daily corporate stuff. No phone no workload for 4 hrs, its just only you and nature.

Photo of Rishikesh: beginners adventurous spot. by Ritu Tomar
Day 1

Make me value my life and I found my happiness inside me. After spending the evening near Laxman Jhula.

We boarded in the bus to Delhi the next day around 1 pm and reach our sweet home which costs the same as above.

Photo of Laxman Jhula, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Ritu Tomar

It was a memorable and lovely journey of my life. Please do take a break from your work not only for trips but to spend some time with yourself to search for your happiness.

Photo of Rishikesh: beginners adventurous spot. by Ritu Tomar

Total Cost Per head: 3000 INR.

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