Tapovan 1/12 by Tripoto


Biswanath banerjee
Day05:-We woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise.It was one of the most breathtaking experience of my life...After completing our breakfast we started our trek towards Gomukh,4km from Bhojwasa.It is a steep ascent from Bhojwasa.The road is full of boulders...After trekking through this ardous trail for 2 hours we reached 'there'...An indescribable joy was filling my heart as if I have conquered the world....Standing on the gomukh snout I realized why people ask to have a guide to trek upto Tapovan..There is no trail existent..You have to navigate through the glacier avoiding deep crevasses,without a guide it could very much possible that you lose your path in this glacial labyrinth.It's steep ascent,the most challenging in the entire trek..This portion of the trek examined us both physically and mentally..After reaching the top we were almost out of breath but the beauty that unfolded paid every penny of it.......We reached Heaven...At the foot of Mighty mount Shivling.....Mounibaba was gracious enough to allow us to stay in his hermitage with delicious food....
nitesh ranga
Yoga centre hub surrounded by utmost natural beauty just on the steps of the forest.
Aman Sharma
In morning I woke up early again, for famous morning Ganga aarti, which anyways I missed, but was informed that I could attend the evening aarti. As I was alone and had nothing to do, so I thought of just sitting by the bank of Ganges. The serenity of the river, the chanting of the morning prayers, people starting there day by chanting Har Har Gange!! It was all so peaceful to witness!! Just to be in that moment felt so good!! All by myself I was so contained, I couldn't tell!!
Nachikethas MJ
The 6 o clock assembly was just a false promise. How could we get up early in the morning in that shivering cold weather? Somehow we managed to get up at 7 o clock. There was no water heater in our room. We decided to skip the brushing so just imagine the coldness of the water there ! We went down to the tea shop where we had agreed to meet Jayveer (Of course we didn’t take a bath!)We had a quick breakfast and also got our lunch packed (stuffed parathas). Initially we thought about going only to Gaumukh but then decided to go to Tapovan (5 kms away from Gaumukh) which would take the total days of trekking to 3. Before beginning our trekking we visited the famous Gangotri temple. This temple along with Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath is known as the 'chota char dam'. These are well known Hindu pilgrim centers.In day light we saw Gangotri town much more clearly. The town is surrounded by three big mountains, but their top wasn’t covered with snow unlike the ones we saw from Chamba. There is a small bridge connecting the opposite side of the Ganga, we walked across it. We came back to Gangotri temple and started our trekking. There is a check post after just 2 kms, where you have to show the permit to enter further. There they write the date and time of your crossing. For each person including the guide we had to give 150 Rs as deposit per day. The rest of the amount was to be collected when we got back there.After walking some more distance we saw the Gangotri town from a distance. We continued with our journey. The path was steep at some parts but most of the way there was just a gradual increase in height. But the sides were so steep that even one slip could lead to a fall from a great height and probably a holy dip in the Ganges!We made the huge mistake of carrying all the way, heavy bags which contained two pairs of dresses and blankets which weren't needed at all. Because of this heavy luggage we had to halt at so many places to take rest. We ate chocolates and drank water to gain energy. As we headed further we could see the giant Bhagirathi mountains from a distance… it was a remarkable view. We had to reach near those mountains by the end of the day. That’s an awful lot of distance to cover, I thought.We passed many people coming from Gaumukh, most of the them foreigners. This trekking route is one of the ancient routes in the world where civilized men travelled through thousands of years before. Its beauty is surreal, the accessibility for us Indians is very easy since it is in our country. Yet the fact that very few Indians visit here compared to the foreigners disappointed me. The foreigners hire porters to carry their luggage. Some of them travel all the way to Badrinath from Gangotri which could take up to 10 days. May be next time I thought.The trekking continued. I had walked 7 km at night for second show movies after bunking hostel during my college days, but this was different. My shoulders began to ache because of the baggage, and my heart was beating fast. We drank a lot of water on the way. There was no shortage of resource to replenish once the bottle was finished. There were plenty of small water falls coming down the mountains on the way. The water was so pure and cold. It was a sunny day, even though a cold breeze blew throughout the day. We used sun block to avoid sun burn.
Well that's where my hotel was but then, I remember rarely taking my lunch/ dinner there. The hot parathas, spicy curries and chutney served my purpose everyday. Non-veggies like me often have this notion that nothing is good without meat. Well, fact is restaurants in Rishikesh are purely vegetarian and they changed this notion of mine. There are plenty of makeshift outlets on the roadside where you can try your taste-buds.
mohit sharma
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