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Jaiveer Yadav
We already had one bike and hotel booked in Rishikesh. We went to hotel, took good bath and then collected the bike. In the night, we went to Little Buddha Cafe. This is an awesome riverside place with very good ambiance and food.
RD Prajapati
In Joshimath where the jeep came from Chamoli and had already lowered it, first there was a plate with rice rice. The man who started the inquiry was asked to inquire about the path of Tapovan to the person who was stabbing rice. Sadness comes from listening to the story of a person like that. Bhai Saab has done MA from Geography but no work was found and now we are making Kadhi rice for people like us but very clean and tasty He explained me the path of Tapovan in very right manner and also told me to come back as soon as possible as it would be difficult to find a means when it is late. It would have taken 15 minutes to go from this corner of Joshimath to that corner, which means that Tapovan Stand would have been about one kilometer away. Badrinath stands down and Tapovan stand above. Just like the jeep was waiting for me. There was a need for another ride, he and me were allowed to ride. It will be two and a half hours in the afternoon. Gradually, the climbing car runs on a magnificent road. In the beginning the path is very bad but then it gets cured. The road goes along with the Dhauliganga river. In the way, an ITI institute comes first and then a polytechnic college. It looks good to see the technical institutions. And even for a few minutes, just remember your student life right.Tapovan will be 15 kms away from Joshimath but overall it takes one hour. They spend a lot of time waiting to board the rides and sometimes wait for the ride coming from a distance. But here also to note that these are not just for us. At the place where Jeep was in Tapovan, there were already three jeeps and standing. Knowing the time of departure from them and also that I will come back and exchange each other's number. Temple of Tapovan is situated at a distance of 15-20 minutes from the stand. The small town is Tapovan. If you are going by your car then you can not walk. The train reaches the temple, but the jeep does not go further. On the way a shop was seen "tasta ji ji". Apart from all other things, there are two different types of names. Arjya and Bulpa How are you I never eaten I will see Khanna today. I have never heard of their names. Did you hear? First look at the temple and then eat these two things. Let's see how it happens. First visit to God. Keep going Lord Shiva's angel snake welcomed. Seems secluded. There is a deserted temple. Just two or three people were washing the clothes in the bathing tank. I roamed around completely. Neither a priest nor a pundit The bag left in the verandah of the temple and went to take a photograph and when he returned, a priest was telling a story about this temple to a family. He probably just did not come in the temple. There was no tilak on anyone's forehead. I was thinking right. I just followed them. A young couple in the family and their two younger little daughters. Very beautiful . The woman was beautiful and beautiful. If you do not think anything else, then I will say that I have never seen such a beautiful face in life except in films. Beautiful but also very impressed together. He offered a sacrifice of 100 rupees to God in the temple. I also got to raise 10 rupees. Prasad got him and me too. By accepting the offerings, that beautiful face touched the priest's feet and his daughters too. That's why I wrote The priest did not even see me an eye Neither was needed. When the beautiful face is in front of me, who sees me.Now it was time to pick up the bag and walk around. Returning to taste "tasty gi", Araja and whiskey should be tasted. It's time to leave the last train now. When I reached that shop, I was afraid to see the pictures on the wall and there was no doubt that this dish was not available in Mashahar. I got it! This is a fishhari dish! saved ! I am not a vegetarian, not because I am a Brahmin but because I do not like it! 'Tapovan has found knowledge in many cases. Here you will get a hot water source. And it is believed that this hot water cures skin diseases. But for the trackers, he works as a base to go to the Kiwari pass and go to the drawing room.Today's journey will stay here today! Now Badrinath will go live !!
Sonal Agarwal
11:00(am): Jumpin Heights is a hub for all adventure sports in Rishikesh. One can enjoy activities like bungee jumping, flying fox and canyon swings here. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then a day in Rishikesh is not enough for you to experience it all. The cost of any adventure activity in Rishikesh ranges from ₹2500-₹4000. Feel the adrenaline rush when you jump off from a height of 83 metres and pierce your way through. Afternoon1:00(pm): After  you're done with bungee jumping, you can enjoy Flying Fox which is equally frightening with a speed of 140km/hr, but at the same time it lets you enjoy the natural surroundings of Rishikesh. Enjoy a panoramic view of the town and be in awe of the natural beauty of the place.
Biswanath banerjee
Day05:-We woke up early in the morning to see the sunrise.It was one of the most breathtaking experience of my life...After completing our breakfast we started our trek towards Gomukh,4km from Bhojwasa.It is a steep ascent from Bhojwasa.The road is full of boulders...After trekking through this ardous trail for 2 hours we reached 'there'...An indescribable joy was filling my heart as if I have conquered the world....Standing on the gomukh snout I realized why people ask to have a guide to trek upto Tapovan..There is no trail existent..You have to navigate through the glacier avoiding deep crevasses,without a guide it could very much possible that you lose your path in this glacial labyrinth.It's steep ascent,the most challenging in the entire trek..This portion of the trek examined us both physically and mentally..After reaching the top we were almost out of breath but the beauty that unfolded paid every penny of it.......We reached Heaven...At the foot of Mighty mount Shivling.....Mounibaba was gracious enough to allow us to stay in his hermitage with delicious food....
nitesh ranga
Yoga centre hub surrounded by utmost natural beauty just on the steps of the forest.