Story behind Shiva’s face in Vagator #bestof2018

Photo of Story behind Shiva’s face in Vagator #bestof2018 by Vanshika Oberoi

South from Ozrant Beach or Little Vagator is a great stone face of Lord Shiva, cut into an ocean side rock by an obscure artist from the flower child time. A lofty way leads down to the sands where is found the etched face of Shiva on a stone. Local people trust that the Shiva confront was etched by a committed enthusiast of Lord Shiva who was by chance a remote traveler. This specific flower child needed to fabricate a little sanctuary to Lord Shiva, however neighborhood selfish deterrents did not empower this vacationer and henceforth amid his long remain over couple of outings consequently happened the superb gem slam against the ocean shake. The etched Shiva confront isn't obvious and goes covered up under the waves amid high tides.

Photo of Vagator, Goa, India by Vanshika Oberoi