Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia 


Cafe Culture In Melbourne 

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

‘Once you go to proper coffee, you can’t go back. You cannot go back.’ – Hugh Laurie

I experienced the same when i explored the cafe culture in Melbourne. So how does this city get the title of being the Coffee Capital of Australia. Let’s see.

It was in 1830’s when cafe started opening up in Australia. Abstinence from alcohol during that period led to new addiction which was coffee but it was short lived. It was after second world war when Italians immigrated to Australia and brought the cafe culture here.

The cafe culture is hence one of the reasons of Melbourne being the melting pot of cultures.

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  1/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
A Carlton espresso bar in 1955. Melbourne was saturated with coffee machines in the 1950s and the city’s coffee culture began. Picture: HWT Library.

Fast forward to today and Melbourne’s coffee culture is very different. Long gone are the days of a simple latte — it’s now a single-origin roast, almond milk latte or a deconstructed coffee served in science beakers. A world our coffee swilling ancestors could never have imagined.

Here are some of the cafe I visited in Melbourne and its surrounding regions and each coffee I had and the cafe experience was just unique.

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  2/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
Cafe Culture In Melbourne

1. Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar in Melbourne

The place where 1st espresso machine arrived in Melbourne. This iconic espresso bar serves authentic Italian food and of course fantastic coffee.

Loved the latte and long black coffee at this cafe. Must sit at the long bar with the other patrons, enjoy the buzz, and feel the pulse of Melbourne.

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  3/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
Pellegrinis Espresso Bar
Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  4/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

2. Tiamo, Lygon street in Melbourne

For over 30 years this Italian cafe and restaurant at Lygon street is very popular. We had visited this place for lunch and the food was just yum. To add to that we had the very popular Italian dessert ‘Affogato’ (espresso with gelato)

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  5/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
Affogato at Tiamo

3. Waterboy Cafe, Phillip Island near Melbourne

The Water Boy Cafe is a newly renovated cafe with views of Westernport Bay. The perfect place to sit and relax with a coffee or enjoy a meal in a relaxing and welcoming environment.

I had a cappuccino and cold coffee at this cafe and the breakfast here was the best we had during our stay in Melbourne.

Try out the baked beans with bread, pan cakes and yes flat white and cappuccino ????

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  6/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
Waterboy Cafe at Phillip Island near Melbourne
Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  7/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

4. RORO Cafe, Queenscliff near Melbourne

Located right on the beach at Queenscliff with stunning Bay Views. It is also located on-board each Searoad ferry & the Sorrento Pier

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  8/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
Queenscliff near Melbourne
Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  9/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

5. The Bayleaf Cafe, Great Ocean Road near Melbourne

When we reached this cafe at Apollo bay at the Great Ocean Road it was drizzling and the weather was just beautiful. With the thought of trying out different coffees in Melbourne, I had Macchiato at this place which complemented very well with my Margherita pizza.

Coffee and pizza ❤

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  10/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee
Macchiato at Bayleaf Cafe in Great Ocean Road near Melbourne

6. 7 Eleven, Melbourne

That night when we were back in Melbourne after exploring its surroundings, we just went out in the city at midnight to experience the night life and the first thing we do is try out the 1$ coffee recommended by our friend.

That 1$ coffee at 7 Eleven was a perfect cup for on the go (much cheaper than coffee we have here at the cafes in India)

Walk in the city with coffee when it was chilling and i was literally high on coffee that day (haha)

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  11/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

7. Just Fine Food – Home of Sorrento’s Famous Vanilla Slice

Recommend by Peter from Bunyip Tours, we went to this place in Sorrento in Mornington Peninsula an hour away from Melbourne.

If you are in Sorrento, don’t forget to have the popular Vanilla Slice at this place and yes latte to pair with it.

8. Coffea, Melbourne

Located next to the most popular Queen Victoria market known for its fresh produce, coffee and shopping.

Queen Victoria market is the best place to shop for souvenirs to take home for your loved ones. You will get something for everyone here for sure.

Don’t forget to grab your cup of coffee from Coffea, the cafe has its own roasting within the cafe and a lot of fancy coffee instruments too.

I had a latte and iced coffee at this cafe. Do try out their hand roasted artisan coffee. Also, try out coffee at the Market Lane Coffee in QVM

Photo of Melbourne, Coffee Capital Of Australia  12/12 by Rasesh Raja @moreovercoffee

Cafe culture in Melbourne

Melbourne imports 30 tonnes of coffee beans each day and it’s almost impossible to not meet an aromatic freshly brewed coffee in Melbourne laneways.

The surprising fact is most of the cafes out here in Melbourne is open till 3 pm only and you will come across coffee addicts from all walks of life. Hipsters, corporate folk and families unite.

I wish I could have got time to visit more such cafe’s which were on my lists like Aunty pegs, Brother Baba Budan, St Ali, Auction Rooms and much more…….

Read more about the cafe culture in Melbourne here:

Still cant get over that aroma of coffee, so if you have been to Melbourne, don’t forget to share your experiences and Melbourne memories with me