Vishakha Museum,Visakhapttnam

19th Sep 2018
Photo of Vishakha Museum,Visakhapttnam by Neha Kumari

Make sand houses on the coast! From Ropa to Mudra in the hills of Kailashgiri and also to see Rishikonda from here and there !! Now save what, probably between Simhachalam and R. !! No, it is our guess, but the save is the one on which the eyes of a taxicaber will get gracefully. See where the cheerleader takes us to the hunk. By then, even a little bit of their brains spend what else can happen here !! Vizag has been a port since the time of the British rule, in place of strategic importance. Estimates, it seems that this place will be important in terms of security, it is certain that there should be some museum here or there. Well there is no research, see what is available here !!

           By returning to Kailashgiri, on the roads leading to the sea along the way, it went on growing. Seeing the city has been restored as Park City, every 10 steps are being parked with sea-side parks. Now it is a distance of seven kilometers and they say Maharaj, get off !! How to get off like this and tell me something else! So Bola is in front of the Vishakha Museum, come see him !! If this is the point of the address, if it speaks directly to the museum, then we can not answer so many questions on that. Well, what he does is his habit, maybe it will be laughable !!

       Well what to do !! We walked towards the Vishakha Museum. See what is here !! Five rupees per person had a ticket and we should be inside. It has come to understand here that it is related to security related or related to the navy. The first attraction here is the house in which the museum has been built. Yes, this museum was built in a Dutch bungalow, so there is a little touch of Dutch. Inside the building, when we got inside we were able to fill the outside, look at the kind of weapons, small thick submarines.

        Let's go, it's been a lot of time now let's move forward. This place is so rich as long as it will look good. In order to see the place related to security, a bit of country devotion comes and it is the place of interest. The experience of watching the army closely, watching their material, arms and being rosy for them is very exciting. When it is so interesting to look away from the distance, how much better it will be to the people who use it! As well as how much responsibility will be there, on those Jabenz soldiers! Here also the submarine's philosophy is also done and that is what is going to be like a man only !! Living in the submarine for so long a long time, he is also alone, the passion of the great people !! Hundreds of bowlers who bow down in every situation to protect our country for the protection of the country. Take a look at those whom they can capture in their camera.

          In the wake of this analysis, an important thing has happened, yes, that which is always remembered in the last !! The thing is that the museum is looking forward to welcoming the audience throughout the week. Just a little timing difference comes in. In the working day, this morning is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and the day of the holiday is open on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.