The way I traveled Vizag

6th Aug 2016
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag by Nisha Khulbe
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 1/13 by Nisha Khulbe
View of Dolphin's Nose Via RK Beach
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 2/13 by Nisha Khulbe
Yarada from the top
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 3/13 by Nisha Khulbe
RK Beach from VUDA Park
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 4/13 by Nisha Khulbe
INS Kursura
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 5/13 by Nisha Khulbe
Waves crushing through the stones @ Yarada Beach
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 6/13 by Nisha Khulbe
City Lights @ RK Beach
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 7/13 by Nisha Khulbe
Along the waves
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 8/13 by Nisha Khulbe
A crab finding its way back
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 9/13 by Nisha Khulbe
RK Beach from Kailashgiri
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 10/13 by Nisha Khulbe
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 11/13 by Nisha Khulbe
Yellow the brightest
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 12/13 by Nisha Khulbe
Photographers Idea of a picture
Photo of The way I traveled Vizag 13/13 by Nisha Khulbe
Beach Road from Kailashgiri

The way a Traveler can define what a place actually holds not even a resident who stays there from like an age can’t tell you.

It was not so planned trip for me a rough itinerary on a piece of paper, unaware of the city the environment and most importantly the weather, I got one of the best tan of my life there  Wanted to visit Vizag from long so one fine day I just thought to book my tickets applied leaves packed my bags and head towards the port city VIZAG. This city offered me much more than I expected, being a person that belong to hills as my hometown is Uttarakhand, beaches turn out to be my new love when I actually saw them for the very first time sometime back, the way u can sit on the loose sand can clutch it in your fist and gaze for like hours into the serenity and loneliness of the vast spread of water with alluring reflection of sun and the never ending journey of ships in front of your eyes.

Vizag is quiet approachable from Hyderabad via flight/ trains/ buses, I choose it to be train there are multiple options for train you can check irctc for that, overnight journey and quiet early morning you can reach and start your travel, the best part I loved about the place as a traveler is train station/ airport/ bus stations are pretty much in the city and quiet near to the places you will actually stay in and travel while your trip so you won’t find yourself lost or will not have a hard time in finding transport to reach up places. I spend three days in Vizag and in order to cover most of it they are good, but for information to those people who want to visit Araku Valley via Vizag you need 2 days more in this itinerary. If we will talk about ideal situations the best time to visit is Nov – Jan but as I visited in August the weather is okay at nights but at day time it too humid and hot, be prepared for a good amount of tanning as a return gift but despite from all this you won’t regret it any way. City on its tropical arrangement has a valley sort of effect with short hills on one side and beach opposite. Areas along the shore line is surrounded via short hills entire green , while going little outskirts of the city via NH16 or the way it’s called beach road are curvy and moves along the entire shore line. This entire drive way will get you awestruck and you will get lost eventually in the moment of fisher boats and yachts along with the waves of the sea.

I reached there at around 8 in the morning, as far as stay is concerned you can pre book it or you can land there and find one, stay is not at all a problem as there are lots of good and cheap inns available near railway station area within 3-4 kms or on the beach road that is hardly 4-5 kms. The best part about the beaches there is like its spread across a wide area so there are lots of special lone places on the beaches that you can find and explore the beach on your own way. If you love photography you can choose some place if you want to play in water or swim you can find your own side and also for people who are searching for solace can find their own part of the beach.

Day 1:

I started of my journey via RK Beach or Ramakrishna beach as you say it, it’s at the heart of the city and the best part about this beach being at the centre of the city is you can come and enjoy this one at any time of the day and spent a quality time here, being in the city its one of the most crowded beaches specially on weekends but still it won’t ruin the fun. On the beach itself there is INS Kursura Submarine museum that is nothing but actually the entire INS Kursura original there, after its dedicated and devoted service for the Indian Naval Services they have made this submarine a museum they take you inside and give you a tour of the whereabouts on how submarine works, at war time how to launch torpedoes, engines machineries how life is inside a submarine and lots more, this tour is worth taking. On the beach road itself you will find a fish aquarium called Matsyadarshini(check out fishes ) you must have seen a lots of aquarium but still I found it worth going as it actually have some of the unique fishes/ turtles/ underwater plants that you must not have seen generally. Next to that little ahead on the same road there is Visakha Museum this contains war time history and some of the original plans ruins and war stories of some our prestigious and amazing battles, it also tells the story of the rulers that actually owns Vishakhapatnam at its time and how the city became what it is today. My personal favorite and that actually took all my attention was a watchman statue that is on the second floor I have never been to Madam Tussauds so I don’t know how real they look but this statue I actually felt it’s an old man sitting and I was actually going to him to ask something, so If you see him please say a Hi . Then later by the evening I went to Teeneti Park it’s a very regular park the movement I entered I thought it not worth it but when you go a little ahead and reach at the edge and see the view of the RK Beach from there your opinion changes, you can see a lots of crabs coming along the waves to the shore there, people claim that you can see dolphins also from there in nice monsoons may be you will get lucky, big rocks along the shore to which water just come crushing through and the beautiful view just gets in to your head, winds are pretty heavy here and the huge waves will take away the sand under your feet leaving you feel taken away. If you are not pretty good with swimming don’t get too much into the water it can be little risky. Further in the day being already little tired I went straight to Rushikoda Beach that is like 10 Kms away from RK Beach via Beach road that runs along the sea shore. On this one you can find some of the beautiful sea shells stones and fishes along side, but almost all the shells I picked the water body is alive in it so if you really like it you have to take it out and let it go into water  You can spend a good time sitting on this beach or taking pictures but try and avoid this one on weekends or evening I found the crowd to be too much there. After doing this much for an entire day I was dead tired and drenched due to the never running out humidity there just took a nice meal and slept really looking forward for the next day.

Day 2:

This day I planned to cover Dolphin’s nose and Yarada beach they are pretty close to each other and you can visit both of them in a go, these places are little far off from the city around 40 kms and you need to rent a vehicle in order to reach there, one thing to keep in mind before going there is the light house on Dolphin’s nose has a timing of 3-5 pm so plan accordingly, it’s one of the very few manually operational light houses present in the world and they let you go inside and have a look at the mechanics and the view from light house can’t be missed, after spending some time here on the dolphin’s nose that is actually a hill shaped as a dolphin that you can see far off from RK Beach head towards Yarada.

The moment you enter the army residential area you see one way going towards Yarada and one towards the light house, after light house I moved towards Yarada you can see the beach covered around with lots of palm trees from far off and move down the valley towards it, after the plain road the way is little distorted bumpy road and then after some time a small lane in nowhere reaches towards a resort, the way to Yarada is via this resort you have to take a pass to go in. Then there it was after some sheds little resort huts you see lots of sand around everywhere in front of you, walk across it and then what you see next will blow your thoughts, the view of Yarada is the best and the most serene, this too much secluded beach with almost zero crowd and the blue not so calm sea will just enthrall you in the most promising way. Again the waves are pretty strong don’t go too much into deep if you don’t know swimming, just sit on the edge of a rock and the waves will turn out to be so huge that it will wet you entirely. Spend some quality time there it’s so secluded that you can enjoy every bit of it the way you like, the only restaurant at this place near the beach is pretty fine the menu has lots of stuffs and it tastes good to they don’t accept cards so carry cash as you will not find any other eating place at this area. After this long and tiring day I head back towards the city by the evening I was again at RK Beach spent some time there as the night unfolds.

Day 3:

As it’s the last day and I still have few places to cover, I started it with early morning visit to fishing harbor the frequency and the energy of this place at morning when boats come to the deck and unloads the fishes is quite a view, you will see lots of different sizes shapes pretty dead fishes  If you want to experience this want to have a look at the fishy market visit there, all the export in to huge containers local market selling everything happens here, don’t visit this place after dark or at late nights it’s not safe. After having a good time here I went to Kailashgiri, there are two ways to reach there one is a cable car and the other is via road that is curvy along the valley and takes you all the way to top, my suggestion will be to cover both as both have their own charm, Kailashgiri doesn’t have much to enjoy in terms of some activitie but it’s a must go because there are certain points from which you can see the entire Vizag along with the its busy streets building seas shore the streets across the beaches hill tops valleys everything, the view is awe-inspiring and majestic. Don’t take the toy train ride on Kailashgiri as it’s not worth it more than that you can cover on foot only. By the evening back to the beach road visit VUDA park, again it’s just a normal park no fancy but one of its passage ways you towards a side of RK Beach that you will again find pretty secluded and extremely alluring in its view I spend some of indelible time there that I took back in my head when I left for my hotel that night.

Vizag initially that was not so planned as a trip turns out to be one of the most travelled and calculated trips as I was right on schedule not must hustle great city great experience 

Note for a friend: Thanks for the idea of Vizag and help me to unfold this journey.