Colour, Culture, Adventure; Kolkata’s best.



  • How to beat the best Bongs in Kolkata.
  • Leave no stone unturned and Unravel the “BongLand”.
  • Kolkata; the charming Imperial Beauty.
  • A journey to the fusion world of Kolkata.
  • Colour, Culture, Adventure; Kolkata’s best.
  • From Calcutta to Kolkata; a journey from the past to the present.

Travel - Inspiration, Redemption and an Experience that all pristine souls desire in a way I would say that grows within and leads a temptation for wanting more.

What’s more enriching than visiting intensely hued and vivacious places that exert such an amount of energy into you, making you never forget about the experience that glued on to your spirit? Let me give you a brief tour to such an Haven called Kolkata, the Capital of an ex-princely state West Bengal also known as “The Land of the Bongs”, the hideout of the ultimate literature saints, the artistically brilliant idol makers, the producer of the most divine sweets and one of the very few states that has the most beautiful architectural sites tracing back to the British Imperial times.

Walking down the streets of Kolkata is surely a busy environment but it subsides to the fact that it offers a rich cultural and colourful splash of various markets be it garments, books, antiques and the most important of all the-STREET FOOD!

With trams and double decker buses running around the city it also gives you vibes of busier and less advanced version of England. Here is a list of things that you could be doing if you ever plan to visit Kolkata.

  • Alluring Sites

Sightseeing is an integral part of any tourist expedition but what’s different about Kolkata is its fusion form of vintage backdrop amidst the modern chaotic and charming city streets. Victoria memorial, a marvel made in Indo- Saracenic revivalist style is the most famous and looked out tourist destination which was built in the honour of Queen Victoria.

Science city, the largest science centre in the entire Indian Subcontinent lies here in Kolkata. Geeky tourists! Watch out for this must visit.

If you are into finding peaceful scenes and spend a relaxing time, a walk in the quiet and serene South Park street cemetery or boating in the Salt Lake is what you’re looking for. Tourists holding a fetish for plants and greenery also do visit the Botanical Garden.

Multiple numbers of beautiful and antique churches surrounded by Lavish Gardens can also be found here which showcases amazing vintage architecture and intricate wood carvings and marvellous glasswork, dating back to the 18th Century India, out of which some famous ones are St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. John’s Church, Cathedral of the most Holy Rosary, C.N.I Wessleyen Church and numerous many. A fun fact about these churches is that most are built on burial grounds. Hauntingly beautiful, isn’t it?

However, apart from these tourists can also step foot into other sites such as Eden Garden, The Howrah Bridge overlooking the Hooghly River and the Kolkata Golf Club.

  • Religious Gravity

Located in a coastal area, consisting of Hooghli River a tributary of the Holy Ganga, this city has a religious significance of its own. Temples such as Dakshineshwari Kali Temple, Kalighat Kali Temple, Parasnath Temple and Birla Mandir holds a rich and valued heritage.

An island known as the Ganga Sagar or Sagar Island is a pious Hindu heritage amidst which lies various temples and ashrams including Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Ramakrishna Mission, Kapil Muni temple and Omkarnath. It can be reached enjoying a cruise ride of 30 minutes on a local boat to Kachuberia, the North end of the Island. With religion playing a centre role in Kolkata, it gave rise to numerous number of brilliantly talented craftsmanship which can be seen in Kumartuli, where idols of gods and goddesses are made out of clay. You’ll get to see the craftsmen at work, carving by hand without using any machinery at all. The festive Durga puja brings out the best in them where there’ll be thousands of men busy making idols of their Holy Goddess Durga honouring her spirit.

  • Enduring Adventures

Sunderban Tiger Reserve, one of the most profound tiger reserves in India calls out to the tourists featuring exquisite wildlife and abundant natural beauty. The home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and also a variety of Bird, reptile and invertebrate species, this sanctuary is densely covered by Mangrove forests. The watch towers, bungalows and red brick cottages here are very unique in some way, be it the inclined connection with the nature or the beautiful architecture.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and talk beside the fire”, that is exactly the aura that Sunderban comforts the tourists with. Campfires and tents are set up in the thick of the enduring wildlife along with treks and jungle walks planned for the fellow travellers.

Nicco Park, a thrilling amusement park for adults as well as kids renders several exciting and adrenaline crushing rides and events. One of the best features of this park is that it took up an educative recreational initiative with explanations of the scientific principles behind the working of the rides, Informative much?

  • Incandescent streets

The yellow taxis bustling in the heart of the city along with the chaotic streets, one way or the other it is the most crucial aspect of Kolkata. From the delightful street food to the Italian restaurants, from the Mithai shops to the Chinatown area, from the mouth-watering Indian cuisines to the exclusive flower market, it’s all here.

The Market here reflects the well preserved history and cultural ethnicity. Every tourist must explore the famous Burra Bazaar, meaning “big market, an ancient market showcasing the best and indulge in a wide variety of fabrics, handloom, handicrafts, books and souvenir. College Street, being alongside the university area is an amazing literature centre to find uncountable number of books to choose from. Since the literature Capital is a testament to the widespread reading culture of the people of Kolkata, even the vendors of the tiniest shops possess the knowledge of the great books.

Lucid and Vibrant blend of the dignified architecture with flashes of the past imperial times, this city holds a strong and painful history but it has thrived to come up as one of the most beautiful and exquisite cities of India. Unravel the eccentricity of your travelling experience by going deep into the core of Kolkata and explore the unexplored. The authenticity of this city brings such a joy that will never fade.

Kolkata; a finest abode of collusion of colours, culture, wildlife.