Living in the Hills- Kalimpong

1st Mar 2009
Grew up in the hillsI did my schooling from Dr Grahams Homes, Kalimpong. The feeling of hostels scares a lot of kids and so was I, when my mom dropped me with my trunk at Grahams. Never I thought that this will be the place that will teach me so much about life.I grew at the hostel with my friends who are now my besties. The hostel is in Kalimpong Which is one of the main attractions if you visit kalimpong. The town kalimpong is itself a true me its a painting. There is nothing much to it if your looking for club and pub. But if you are looking for a peace calm and beautiful trip that will rejuvenate you then Yessss.. kalimpong is indeed the best.
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There are fifteen major schools in Kalimpong, the most notable ones being Scottish Universities Mission Institution,Dr. Graham's Homes, St Joseph's Convent, St. Augustine's School,Rockvale Academy, Saptashri Gyanpeeth, St. Philomenas School,Kalimpong Girls' High School, Kumdini Homes and Gandhi Ashram School.

The family of Homes raises children from adolescence through their teenage years, int their adulthood by the process of taking them along the channel of anursery Lucia king, kindergarten Queen Elizabeth Kindergarten School, Junior Section, Senior Section and, if required,employment. The Homes helps to achieve their aim of providing young people with the opportunity to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and ultimately responsible citizens. O.G.B.s(an acronym popularly used for alumni of Dr Graham’s Homes), Who continue or return to serve the Homes are given the privilege of being called Grahamites and the rest as O.G.B.s. The school encompasses an area of 400 acres

If you're a night-bird, don't forget to carry books and music to keep you company, while enjoy the sweeping views of the scenic landscape from your room. If you're taking a stroll at night, make sure to keep a torch handy and consult your hotel staff about the safest routes to take.If you want to indulge into some tempting poisons, there is one famous hangout, Melting Point (Opp Kanchal Hall) which has an impressive collection of mesmerizing tipples. Also, most hotels have an in-house bar, where you may meet fellow travellers staying at your hotel, and perhaps even discuss your holiday plans over drinks. Nights may be silent in Kalimpong but not dull. Enjoy the solitude and silence!

Deolo Cliff Eco Resort, Kalimpong, charms guests with breathtaking views of river Teesta and misty Kanchenjunga. The rocky terrains that form a part of the resort's design add a natural touch. The rooms are tastefully done up and offer ultimate comfort. With various amenities, thrilling activities and gratifying hospitality, this resort offers the true pleasures of vacationing.

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