What to do in Henry Island - A video blog

3rd Feb 2018

What to do in Henry Island?

Photo of What to do in Henry Island - A video blog by Rohit Sen

If Digha, Mandarmani or Tajpur does not excite you anymore, there is another beach in West Bengal which can never disappoint. Henry's Island beach in Bakkhali is one of the most pristine and clean beaches of West Bengal.

Read along.

Day 1 : Time 7AM

Start your day early and if you want to beat traffic and catch West Bengal's rustic milieu. Watch the video below and you will know why.


Day 1 : Time 11AM

You should reach Namkhana market. This place is in a league of its own. I personally have not found a better photography spot anywhere in Bengal. Watch the video


Day 1 : Time 12PM

At around 12 PM you should reach the Hatania-Doania creek. Your cars can only go past the creek via a ferry. If you want to beat the clock (the queue is quite long), I would suggest you drop your car in a parking this side and set off on your own to have an experience of a kind. The ferry takes around Rs 5 per head for transferring you to the other side. From the bank, you can take a 'thella' Rickshaw to reach the town bus stand. From here, take a Van to Henry's Island. Do not forget to bargain.

Watch the video of how we fared, it is fun


Day 1 : 1 PM

By this time you will reach Henry's Island. Get set to be blown away by the whiteness of the sand and silence of the beach. Enough said, watch the video below


Day 1: 3 PM

Play sports or do a picnic. Even better if you can shoot a dance video.


By around 4.30 PM the beach closes. So pack your bags and proceed towards home. You can make it back to Kolkata by 11PM.