5 Unforgettable Architectural Attractions In Vienna


Vienna, the capital of Austria and one of classical Europe's capitals, includes some of the most beautiful and well-known historical buildings in the world.

Since the city itself has a history spanning hundreds of years, it has allowed enough time and space for planning and building some of the best architectural works in Europe, if not in the entire world.

So if you've decided to book a flight to Vienna, at least make sure you do not miss the following attractions.

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1. Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere)

The palace was built at the beginning of the 18th century as a summer palace for Prince Eugen Franz, and includes two palaces in the Baroque style - the upper Belvedere, which served as a residence, and the Lower Belvedere, which served as a ballroom and museum. There is also a large conservatory, horse stables and green gardens.

Today the entire palace is used as an art museum, and is certainly a prestigious and unforgettable baroque pearl. This is one of the most luxurious and exclusive buildings in Vienna, combining unique architecture, fascinating history, original art and a respectable piece of culture in and of itself.

The landscaped gardens around the palace are a real experience, with more than 4,000 types of flowers, shrubs and trees brought from the Alps. Like a garden in the gardens you will find a botanical garden, hiking trails for the whole family (and for couples of course) and large pools of water. In the gardens is also the fountain, which began to operate in about 1873 and certainly adds to the existing.

In short - an authentic Austrian experience that is unparalleled. Not to be missed.

2. The Great Synagogue of Vienna (Stadttempel)

It is the largest and oldest synagogue in Vienna since it was inaugurated in 1826 in the city's first district. Because in those days Emperor Joseph II forbade the construction of non-Catholic chapels in a prominent public place, the Great Synagogue was pushed into a corner fund that eventually rescued him from the Kristallnacht pogroms in 1938.

Today it is still the largest and most magnificent synagogue in Vienna, and it is definitely worth a visit. The temple is elliptical and surrounded by 12 columns in ancient Greek style, supporting women's help on the second and third floors.

The ceiling of the building ends with a dome and the hall is illuminated by a hanging chandelier descending from the center of the dome. The building underwent several renovations, including in 1895, again in 1904 and finally in 1936 after Kristallnacht.

The Great Synagogue of Vienna continues to be the center of Jewish life in Vienna even today, with regular prayers and cantorial service.

Photo of 5 Unforgettable Architectural Attractions In Vienna 2/2 by Raviv Ornir
Source: pixabay

3. The Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum)

Apart from the fact that this is the only museum in the city that presents the history of nature and science, this is a magnificent structure that does not fall short of a royal palace.

The building is decorated in neo-Renaissance style and was built between 1872 and 1891. The site includes 39 exhibition halls where you can enjoy 20 million items in a variety of exhibitions and collections on various subjects - animals and plants, meteorites, fossils, minerals, prehistoric artifacts, precious stones and more.

The place is also for children, who will certainly enjoy the dinosaurs and the meteorite display, some of which came from Mars and the Moon. It also has a spectacular multimedia show on meteorites. Do not give up, especially if it is a family vacation with children.

4. Hundertwasser House (Hundertwasserhaus)

Would you like to enter a unique and colorful architectural experience that you can not see every day?

The Hundertwasser House is a Viennese residence in the third district, designed, designed and constructed in an Expressionist style by the Austrian-Jewish artist Friedrich Hundertwasser. The building stands out in its bold colors - blue, red, yellow - and can only be enjoyed from the outside.

Next to the building you will find several shops of spectacular souvenirs, and a 3-minute walk will also find the museum showing the works of the artist who designed the house. Each year the number of visitors to the site only grows, so it is definitely worth the time to come, take a look, get an impression and move on. A unique and colorful experience.

5. Schonbrunn Palace (Schloss Schonbrunn)

The Schonbrunn Palace served as a residence for the Kaisers of Austria for centuries, from the first castle in the 14th century to the modern palace erected there at the end of the 17th century. In 1996 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and today it is considered one of the leading tourist sites in Austria in general, and in Vienna in particular.

In 2014 the palace again underwent a facelift, this time to become a luxury hotel offering its guests a serving chef and chef, a carriage with a horse and other luxuries.

The palace itself is built in a Rococo style with magnificent and spacious gardens, and each year almost 3 million people visit it. The cost of a room in the new hotel is relatively modest. Only 700 euros per night per person, and you can sleep in the Austrian royal chambers.

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