Rishikesh Tourism and Travel Guide

Have you noticed that most Rishikesh travel guides have a wealth of information on adventure and spirituality? Some mention the city’s surreal natural beauty while others detail the historic significance but what Rishikesh tourism guides don’t mention enough is the unique and diverse experience that Rishikesh offers. Offering travellers an opportunity to interact with sages, yoga teachers and meditation gurus, the city opens up many worlds. A large number of foreign travellers explore Rishikesh tourism, and this has put this small city in Uttarakhand on the global tourist map. In fact, yoga and Rishikesh are used as synonyms on international travel forums and for good reason. However, if your objective is simply to revel in the bliss that Rishikesh is, you need not research too much. Almost all parts of Rishikesh offer a quiet spot for reflection and it is truly a great holiday destination for those who’d like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of metro life. Owing to the increase in popularity of Rishikesh tourism, the city has evolved as a melting pot for different cultures. But what has remained the same through the years is the warmth that the locals extend. Whether it’s a tourist guide, a restaurant owner or a local you happen to meet – the warmth can be felt through small conversations and extended sightseeing tours alike. For long term travellers, this hospitality shines through in the information that locals openly share.
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