Detailed Guide to Rudradhari Mahadev Temple and Rudradhari Waterfall

Photo of Detailed Guide to Rudradhari Mahadev Temple and Rudradhari Waterfall by Pamela Mukherjee

Rudradhari Mahadev Temple is an ancient cave-temple. This virtuous place is situated on the banks of the river ‘Kosi’. A legend holds that Rishi Kuashik meditated for a very long time after this temple was constructed. This location draws many tourists and devotees each year because of its spiritual significance and religious elements.

You can trek 2 kilometers through a deep forest to get to the Rudradhari Mahadev Temple. As you trek through the lush trails, the rhythmic gushing of the waterfall beckons you closer. The sight of water gracefully plummeting down the rocky cliffs is truly captivating. The cool mist kisses your cheeks, refreshing your senses and invigorating your spirit.

With every step, you'll witness the harmony of nature at its finest – the vibrant flora, the melodious symphony of birds, and the dancing sunlight filtering through the canopy. Capture these precious moments, for Rudradhari is a photographer's delight.

Don't miss the chance to meditate by the cascades or dip your feet into the clear pool below. Feel the stress melt away as the water's touch rejuvenates your mind and soul.

Remember to tread lightly, respecting the pristine environment that surrounds you. Let's preserve this paradise for generations to come.

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