Exploring the Lanes of Agra on a Bicycle

18th Apr 2018

Exploring the Lanes of Agra on a Bicycle

Photo of Exploring the Lanes of Agra on a Bicycle by Erica Louise

Have you at any point thought of exploring the city, Agra? I am very sure; it sounds enjoyable to you. But if it doesn't, what? Truly? Haha! You are passing up something important if you make up a trip to India and miss exploring the old roads of Agra. I usually travel on a tiny budget, and it was a few months back when I was in Agra. I have been to Agra multiple times now, and I always go there to visit the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort, but since I cherish that city so much, I thought of doing something different this time. And so, I chose to go on a cycle tour.

A Start to the Cycle Tour

John stated, "You are the first Indian, I see today, who have come here for the cycle tour in recent years." I was amazed to hear that. John is the man behind Agra by bike who led the tour. Before beginning I needed to ride the bike, haha, I generally do that, testing vehicles before carrying them along for a long ride. Everything went incredible. It was 5:30 AM toward the beginning of the day, and I would not like to miss the dawn perspective of the Taj Mahal, so we began off.

Taj Mahal

What precisely is the Taj moment for you?

My Taj moment is to see the sun rising and sparkling brilliantly at the Taj. To keep Taj secured there are no fuel vehicles permitted within the 2-3 km separation of the Taj Mahal. In this way, we rode to the back area, i.e., the north of the Taj Mahal, where the Yamuna waterway is. There was standing an older adult prepared to take us on a watercraft ride in the stream. While he was paddling the boat gradually and took us amidst the water I could precisely observe what I longed for; the dawn at Taj. I could likewise see the entire shadow of the Taj Mahal in the waterway along. It was an ideal moment. I think an image here will clarify it better.

Photo of Taj Mahal, Dharmapuri, Forest Colony, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India by Erica Louise

Watch Tower

Not long after our ride, we went to a little town only alongside the Taj Mahal. Local people live there with goats, hens, and cows and there is a watchtower, presumably a mysterious place from the old eras to see who's coming to visit the Emperor. I then went there to see another perspective of Taj from the top, and it was so excellent and quiet that I spent some of my time there sitting and merely gazing at the magnificence of the Taj.

Lanes of Kinari Bazaar

After spending some great time at the tower, we began our ride to the Kinaari Bazaar. It was Friday, and the Taj Mahal was shut, so it was all peaceful and quiet. Riding through the west entryway of the Taj, we crossed the Agra red fort. Though we didn't go inside, we parked our bicycle at the corner of the road to take a look at the fort. We at that point went to a confused, or you can say the chaotic part of Agra, the Old Agra, and the Kinari Bazaar. There were numerous Petha shops, a sweet produced in Agra. It has been said that Petha is started in the kitchens of Mughal ruler Shah Jahan and since now it has turned out to be famous to the point, that it comes in differed flavors. Exploring the old lanes, I could see numerous extraordinary things to fill my shopping sack. You will get an immense variety of ethnic garments, footwear, frill, cookware, and nearly everything. I additionally attempted to try the local street food. Also, how could I miss Malai Lassi? Incredible!

Photo of Kinari Bazar, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India by Erica Louise

The place where I had Lassi, was just opposite the Shahi Jama Masjid. Shah Jahan constructed this Mosque for his most loved girl. There was a Tripolia that existed between Jama Masjid and the Delhi door of Agra Fort, which was demolished to construct the Agra Fort Railway station. Hence, one of the two pillars at the entrance of the Masjid is destroyed. And, just opposite the Mosque, there is the Agra red fort railway station.

We were going to explore further, but it began down-pouring. And since I was completely tired of cycling for such long, we headed back. John's cycle shop is merely close to the South entryway of the Taj Mahal. It was extraordinary to visit this excellent city, the main town in India that has one of the seven wonders of the world.

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