A day trip to Idargarh and polo forest from Ahmedabad


Our photography group planned a trip to Idargarh and polo forest. In all we were 25-30 people and it was summer time therefore we were planning to start early in order to shoot sunrise at Idar and sun set at polo forest.

Idar is 112 km from ahmedabad, hence we started at 1.30 Am in the morning, we reached at 4 Am and gathered at Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram at idar which is at the foot hills of Idar mountain ranges. Idar mountain ranges provide a good opportunity for trekking, it must be a 1 km trek with steep uneven slopes. An isolated path totally uninhabited, mobile torch was the only light available with us to climb the rocks.

It advisable to go for trekking only with a large group and with experienced people as the nearest help would be quite far in case of an emergency. After getting down from Idargarh we took a halt at Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, had breakfast and spent few hours visiting the jain temple and shiv temple.

From Idar we started for the the next destination Polo Forest which was 40 Km away, at 11.30 Am it started getting hot and by the time we reached Polo Forest its was 42 degree Celsius.

At Polo forest our first visit was at Sharneshwar Shiv temple, which is an 14th century monument mostly in a ruined state having beautiful carvings and architecture. Temple is situated at the start of the forest and surrounded by greenery all around. A lonely place with very few people around, a tea shop with few wafers and biscuits is the only eatables available, so we purchased in bulk as we were told that nothing would be available inside the forest.

From there we moved to the dam on the Harnav river. Its a beautiful water body surrounded by deciduous forests and rocky mountains all around. Its a great place for bird watchers and for those who like nature and tranquility. There is waterfall also near by, but it was worth visiting during the monsoons.

In all it was a good adventure trip, since weather was not favorable and we were already tired after 10-12 km walk at idar so we made our way back to Ahmedabad after having lunch at midway.

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Photo of A day trip to Idargarh and polo forest from Ahmedabad 1/2 by Rahul Singhvi
Photo of A day trip to Idargarh and polo forest from Ahmedabad 2/2 by Rahul Singhvi