The Hindu Genealogy Banks of Pushkar — Jot down a message for your upcoming generations


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When you’re a traveller and the next destination in your travel list is Rajasthan, it is not at all fair to sweep Pushkar aside. Nestled amidst the outer Ghatis of the well known city of Ajmer, Pushkar boasts of being the land of Hippies and compensates for the sophisticated royal culture present in all other parts of Rajasthan.

It is actually quite exhilarating to witness the contrasts present all around you when you are taking a stroll in the swirly lanes of the main market or when the beats of Russian music being played in cafes are generally heard with the rings and chants of the Hanuman Aarti.

However, despite of a major tourist footfall, it seems that the local community of Pushkar has managed well to nourish the traditions that are being inherited since the creation of this universe. It is believed that the stories and instances of Pushkar are even mentioned in the great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

What are Genealogy Banks?

One such fascinating tradition that is still alive here is the tradition of the Genealogy Banks.

We all are aware that the Hindus in India have been divided on the basis of castes and communities since ages and that is how these Genealogy banks work till date.

Basically a Genealogy register is a book of entries that has been maintained for ages. In this register, entries of different members of a family are recorded along with the date and purpose of visit.

You can easily find out the genealogy centre of your community and look at the entries of your ancestors who visited Pushkar even 100 years back. Amazed?

It is also considered ethical if you get your entry done for when you visit Pushkar. Also, you are allowed to jot down a message for your upcoming generations who would probably visit this place and read your handwriting.

The old and yellow pages of these Genealogy books are highly maintained by hard covers and binding.

For all the Hindu communities, there are different Genealogy banks present on Pushkar Ghats. The Priests maintaining the Genealogy registers are usually called a “Panda”.

Other than being an important division of our Indian Culture, these Genealogy banks are fascinating and carry a capacity to astonish anyone travelling here.

NOTE: Not just in Pushkar, you can also find out these Genealogy banks in the cities like Haridwar and Varanasi.