2 day "Bedi Itinerary" for foodies travelling to Amritsar

13th Apr 2018

Foodies guide to Amritsar

Photo of 2 day "Bedi Itinerary" for foodies travelling to Amritsar by harveen bedi

Day 1 

Day 1

The best breakfast of Kulchas in town . Just order a plate and get the authentic taste of Amristari Kulchas

Next Stop for Lassi , Have the famous Kesar Lassi here with (Curd) Malai topping

Vist the Partition Museum

Walk to the nearby Jallianwalla Bagh

Next stop , share a thali or order bharta and Daal at this famous Veg dhabha. End with a phirni

Go to this Punjab State War memorial by 2:00 PM , Need at least an hour to spend here and admire the mega sacrifices made by Sikhs from the time of Gurus to the Kargil war

Head straight to the Wagah Border around 3:00 PM and enjoy the flag ceremony till sunset . Ceremony starts 45 min before sunset and ends at sunset but the seating is filled 2 hours before the start . So 3:30 in winters and 4:30 in summers is a good time to reach 

Reach this place by 7 and enjoy the lovely Light and Sound show alongwith the 7 D shows of Maharja Ranjit Singh ending with a Kids show .

Head here for the ultimate grilled chicken . No need to order and daal or rotis , just have the pure proteins of the grilled chicken. Am sure you will order another chicken just to taste the awesome masallas it has been grilled in

Start the day with a morning visit to Golden temple preferably by 6:30 AM so that you get free by 8:30- 9:00 AM

Have the famous frozen fruit cream here to end the day 1

Day 2

Day 2

Head straight for the best breakfast of poories with sweetened aloo subzi and an amazing chutney and pickle. Also must share 200gm of Halwa for a family of 4

Visit the Maharaja Ranjit Singh museum for some dose of history

Dont go by the looks of this push cart, Try the Imli ke laddu or the best aam papar with special masal and nimbu. I know your mouth cant stop watering just after hearing this :)

Head to the walled city for lunch here . Recommended sharing either Thali or Makki ki roti and Saagh

For some sweet head near the Golden temple for the best jalebis and gulab jamuns

Must try the Paneer Bhurji plate here, dont even dare to look at the amount of Amul butter being added to make a plate 

Have a glass of Mix fruit juice here before you bid a goodbye to the Walled City

By evening , head out here for the famous Milk Badam

Some appetizers on the street in the evening around 7 PM, great tawa mutton tikkas with gravy

Have loads of the famous original Amritsari fish here at night

That's all I could squeeze in for the 2 day itinerary for foodies who love street food in Amrtisar.