Tamil Nadu hit by cyclonic storm, Gaza


While north India is rejoicing fresh snowfall received in the Himalayan states, cyclonic storm Gaza has made landfall at the coast of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry this morning and is continuing to move inland. The air speed in touching 100km/hour and the state government has already issued a warning for the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.

Photo of Tamil Nadu hit by cyclonic storm, Gaza 1/1 by Travel Beings

What's Happening

Nagapattinam District has suffered the most, the wind speed is more than 100km/hour in most of the coastal areas and it has been raining nonstop. The whole state has been put on high alert after the death of 6 people because of this storm. More than 70 thousand people have been relocated to rescue shelters set up by the government. Power supply is suspended in the affected areas since Thursday night. Reports are coming in of trees and electricity poles being uprooted and roofs of houses and other buildings being damaged.

Warning for tourists

If you are travelling to Tamil Nadu, you can expect delays in your flights and trains, some of the roads have also been closed. If you are already in the state, avoid going to coastal regions and if you are in a coastal region avoid getting out at all until the storm passes. Basic amenities like water supply and electricity supply are also going to be affected for the coming days. The government has set up helplines to help anyone in distress. If you need any assistance you can call 1070 (state-level) and 1070 (district level). Things are expected to get back to normal in 3-4 days.