Tham Luang Cave Museum, Thailand - The mystery surrounding this mysterious place!


If you ever read about the top 10 caves in the world that is a must-visit, you will surely find the resplendent Tham Luang Cave Museum in Thailand - right on top. Thank its scenic beauty or the perfectly aligned caves, there is too much to look around for!

It is approximately 10 months since 12 boys and their football coach were trapped in the Tham Luang cave in Thailand. The unfortunate story of the 17-day ordeal of being trapped was highly captured by the media and the world at large. However, a lot has changed ever since.

Currently, this cave system in northern Thailand’s Chiang Rai province has turned into a tourist destination that attracts many visitors each day.

About Than Luang Cave Museum

The age-old cave has been tried to be converted into a tourist destination since ages. But it could never be converted into one successfully. However, after the boys were saved from the cave successfully, it has turned into a tourist attraction. This is not the first time that an accident or disaster or an unfortunate spot has interested visitors. Perhaps, this is just one of the many instances.

Tourists are reportedly not permitted to enter the cave where the rescue operation took place but they are free to explore the other caves in the vicinity. The cave, however, is now turned into a museum to commemorate the rescue with certain corners left unreachable for the visitors.

But the old adage goes that a beautiful princess ran away to the cave with her lover who was a commoner. Her father sent his people to kill this lover, provoking the beautiful princess to commit suicide. The stories also say that the surrounding caves later took the shape of the princess’ body.

Why you must visit Than Luang Cave Museum

The scene that did unfold while these boys were rescued later came to be a museum for tourists. Though these caves have been there since time immemorial, it is only since the past 10 months that it has seen so many visitors. You could get a glimpse of the rescue operation that was done. Furthermore, it is the shape and the beautiful alignment of these caves that are worth a watch.

Where is it located?

The cave museum is a six-mile-long system beneath the doi Nang Non mountain range in the northern Thailand. It is located just an hour’s drive from the Chiang Rai international airport and it shares its border with Myanmar. The labyrinthine complex cave is carved out of Limestone rock.

What to see in and around Tham Luang Cave Museum

You would be spending a considerable amount of time if you have to roam inside the whole cave museum since it is large and explicit. However, other places that you could see around this six-mile-long labyrinthine complex cave are the Golden Triangle, Khong River, and White Temple in and around Chiang Rai.

Best time to visit

Though you could visit the place all through the year, but the best time to visit is the cool months or dry months from November to early April.

Best hours to go there

7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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