The Next Asian City I am Visiting and My Bucket-List! #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao


Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

Photo of The Next Asian City I am Visiting and My Bucket-List! #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao by Pratik Kothari

I have never been to Macao but I have already read so much about it that I already have my entire bucket list ready of the things I am gonna do and visit in Macao.

1. It is the largest manmade water fountain in Asia and its 86 water spouts shoots a spray of water 80 metres high. The sight of 288 coloured spotlights shining through falling water makes it a visual treat.

2. Can we just skip everything and stay at this place for the entire day?? The largest theme park with assortment of more than 200 shops, talk about getting bankrupt at a casino :P

3. Some spiritual stuff to cleanse out thy self ;)

4. Can you miss walking through the best street of Macao that give you local feels.

5. Soak oneself in the most historic place of all to get the best pictures too :P

6. Can you name a better experience than petting a live panda..!!

7. Get your adrenaline pumping and bungee jump from one of the topmost structure of Macao

8. Check out the latest collection of fastest cars

9. Wine Museum, Macao

10. Exploring the natural beauty of this port city and who can miss the amazing beaches??

11. Taste and munch on the foodwalk through towns of Macao

12. The delicious Mutton Hot Pot

13. Get some cool stuff from the duty free shops in Macao

14. Restaurant and cafe Hopping to taste the amazing mix of Portugal and Chinese Delicacies

15. Portuguese egg tarts at Lord Stow’s Bakery

16. Spa at Mandarin Oriental

17. Wine at Macau Soul

18. Flora Garden

19.Macau Maritime museum

20. Grand Resort Deck